Being A Prep For A Week: 6/28/15 -- 7/4/15

Independence Day's here, and you know what that means:  summer assignments are now added to the grind.  It also means fireworks and outfit posts galore, but to me, it's a special reminder of the last month of summer.
I didn't notice this until recently, but the Fourth of July's arrival also means that a myriad of sales are going on.  My favorite has to be the Old Navy sale (I bet that surprises you). By shopping the "Red, White, & New Sale," you can find patriotic pieces at patriotic prices.  I've got my eye on this flowy cami...


Since I've been really intrigued by travel as of late, I was glad to have found a realistic packing guide for a European vacation.  Now all I need is my passport and plane tickets.
Candice looking casual and gorgeous doing french chic in Paris. LOVE the red skirt, its on fire!

Since I'm always intrigued by baking, I'm very excited that my mom and I are going to attempt some watermelon cupcakes for a cookout this afternoon.  I prefer the cupcakes to the fruit!
Watermelon Cupcakes So they should be healthy since there watermelon!"Let's Follow each other and share all the good things on Pintrest!!"  Christy Tusing Borgeld

So, whatever your plans are for this weekend, I hope you have a Happy Fourth!

How was your week?


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