October 20, 2014

So, ever find yourself lazing around with absolutely nothing to do?  You know what you could do?
R-E-A-D!  (I'm very aware that I sound like a really annoying middle school teacher right now.)

I'm sure that for some of you reading is number 450 on your list of "Things I Do When I Get Bored Out of My Mind" list (right between taking practice standardized tests and watching documentaries).

However, I think everyone needs to check out these books.  Most of them aren't really new releases, but they're some of my favorites that I love re-reading on lazy, dull, boring fall days.


October 13, 2014

I think it's finally going to be fall.  Time for that bittersweet time of leaves dancing in the air and pumpkins everywhere (I should be a poet).  Today is a holiday, and I was feeling pretty cooped up in the house (and rather disgusted with myself because of all the Kit Kats I'd eaten), so I decided not to let this fall day go to waste.

One of my absolute favorite things to do is go for a walk.  I used to think just walking was pretty tedious, but once I started paying attention to what I was walking past, it got a lot more interesting.  Even my little neighborhood can be an interesting place.  Bringing along one of my favorite buddies made the walk even better.  I took a few pictures whilst out perambulating.  Enjoy!

Prep For A Day

Hmmm, did I mention that my best buddy also happens to have four legs and thinks he's a Great Dane?


October 9, 2014

Let's face it:  life isn't always a box of chocolates.

There are times when it seems like life is purposely trying to throw every single loop in the world at you simultaneously.  Those times usually make for a pretty stressed out you, which then leads to a frantic you, and then it only goes downhill from there.

Sometimes you just need some positive reinforcement.

Reworded a little differently, sometimes you need someone who knows just the right thing to say at just the right time.

I don't know about you, but there are some cases where that person is a little hard to find.  So what do you do?  You go on Pinterest, of course!  It's a horde of quotes and lessons, so you're bound to find at least five sayings that will improve your mood in one sitting.

In a bad mood now?  Here are some of my favorite quotes for when I'm in a less-than stellar mood:


"Be brave, my darling.  You have faced dark times before and you're still here now."-- C.T.L.

"It all fades away in the end." -- Unknown

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