February 27, 2015

You heard me--or rather, you saw me.  It actually started to snow in the South, and Alabama of all places!  We Alabamians might get a slight dusting every once in a while, but never more than an inch.

That's why, on the infrequent occasion that it does snow, everyone here goes crazy.  School is canceled, roads are blocked, the shops close's like an impromptu holiday!

I wasn't going to miss out on all the snow day shenanigans, believe me.  I took a few pictures while out frolicking (finally), and I hope you enjoy.  I apologize for the lack of "fashion pictures" but considering the way I looked, it's probably for the best.

Snow Day -- Prep For A Day


February 22, 2015

This past week was, as far as weeks go, a pretty good one.  I was out of school Monday because of a holiday, and I was out of school Friday because of snow.  I was delayed at least two hours every other day.  Not that I despise school or anything, but I really didn't feel like going when it was about nine degrees outside.

I had already planned out my entire three-day weekend:  on Friday I would start working on a new blog post (with time to frolic in the snow, of course);  on Saturday I would finish the blog post, post an update to Instagram, and then start working on the load of homework at the foot of my bed;  and then Sunday I would finish up any other homework. study for the three tests I had on Monday, and enjoy trying a new Italian restaurant with my family (though not in that order).

I suppose since the week did not go according to plan, it was only fair that my three-day weekend did not follow the plan either.  I didn't expect a colossal amount of snow, but I had hoped for more than the .05 inches that we received.  Thus, any idea of frolicking in the snow was abandoned.

Life Is A Give and Take -- Prep For A Day

I did, however, get a great start on my blog post, and on Saturday I was typing hurriedly away.  I might've even been finished before lunch!  I was down to the last sentence, and with one too many clicks of the wrong button, whoosh!  The entire post had been deleted, pictures and all.


February 14, 2015

And the holiday most dreaded by singles strikes again!  I think I'm starting to see the bright side about this holiday, though.  Think about it:  this is one of the rare occasions that stuffing yourself with unhealthy foods is just "embracing the holiday spirit."  Plus, who doesn't love wearing pink everything?

Or, if you prefer, you can wear red everything.  The affect is still the same!

(Happy?) Valentine's Day -- Prep For A Day


February 8, 2015

Valentine's Day is probably my least favorite holiday.  Besides the chocolate and candy everywhere, there aren't many things to look forward to.  First of all, my dad's birthday happens to be the 14th as well, so that's always taken the top priority.  Second of all, I dislike being around a ton of lovey dovey couples as much as the next person (sorry!).  It just feels...disconcerting.

However, I still love hearing!  The timeless love stories and marriages that have lasted for fifty years--now that's love.  I may not be a love expert, but I happen to know a lovely lady who is: Audrey Hepburn, of course!

Everyone can learn a thing or two from Audrey about loving and liking and crushing.  It's almost impossible to name a romantic situation she (or, at least, one of her roles) hasn't been in.

1. Hold your own, and have high standards.

Audrey Hepburn Love Advice -- Prep For A Day

As Eliza Doolittle furiously explains to Professor Higgins, don't care for anyone who doesn't care for you. Always love the one you can count on, and the one who has your back.  They may not be whom society would have you love, but you love them, and that's all that matters.  That being said, the person you believe you'll end up with may not be your guaranteed choice in the end...

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