April 26, 2015

"The things you take for granted are things that someone else might be praying for."

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It's taken me nearly fifteen years to fully comprehend how precious life is.  Life is short--too short.
I'm often so worried about other problems and people, and how they will affect me.  I am envious of what others have, and envy is the root of hatred.

BEING A PREP FOR A WEEK: 4/19/15 -- 4/25/15

April 24, 2015

I feel as though I accomplished something this week, and that makes everything worth it.  Finally finishing all of those applications was just the relief I needed.  Plus, I'm happily surprised with my choice to sign up for my school's new Virtual Academy.  There are so many different classes that my indecisiveness is really coming through.

I'm looking forward to summer--no tests, no strict schedule to follow--and yet I'm also dreading the end of this year.  It's interesting that something can seem to take forever, and yet pass by in almost an instant.  Only three more years until college.  That's a scary thought.  For now, I'm just happy with the time I have left as a freshman.  Life keeps rolling, and I'll keep going along.

Now, on to some of my favorite links from the past week:
My newest website obsession:  Tumblr.
My newest reading material:  The Accidental Empress (based on the story of Empress Elisabeth).


April 18, 2015

Audrey Hepburn is probably the embodiment of class and grace.  I think our society, especially its young women, could learn a lot from Audrey.  Even in a conservative town in the South, I find myself staring at some of the girls who will walk into school wearing nothing but a t-shirt and barely-there shorts.

I understand the need for comfort, but I think we should make more of an effort.  Besides, wearing shorts that are virtually invisible is not going to earn you points with everyone.

Audrey understood casual--in fact, she wasn't one to dress up everyday.  However, she always looked put-together and--surprise, surprise--you could always see her pants.

Take a leaf out of her book, and always dress like the respectable and classy person that you are.  People will notice!

Sophisticated, intellectual, artistic, altruistic.  Miss Audrey Hepburn.


April 15, 2015

Spring cleaning--hurrah?

I definitely prefer being in an organized space, but I'm not going to set my alarm five minutes earlier so I can tidy my room.  It's just too lengthy a process;  besides, I have things to do and people to see.

Closet cleaning can be a bummer, but it's something I look forward to.  Less clothing items equals more hangers to put more clothing items on, and so the cycle continues.  You can look forward to closet cleaning as well, if you put yourself in the right frame of mind.

Spring Cleaning Made More Manageable -- Prep For A Day

1. Recycling is Key
We all have that one shirt that's lurking in the darkest corners of our closet, just begging to be worn. Maybe, just this once, you can give it another shot.  Surely you can find something that would be suitable--give it a try.

2. Forget Sentimentality
Oftentimes, sentimentality is a valued character trait.  However, when cleaning out your closet (or anything else of that nature), you need to put aside the sentimental value of most items.  You may have been wearing that dress when you went on that amazing vacation, but if you never wear it anymore, why should you keep it?  The people who accompanied you on said vacation will understand.

BEING A PREP FOR A WEEK: 4/5/15 -- 4/11/15

April 11, 2015

My motto for this week:  Stressed is an understatement, but dying is an overstatement.

I'd been looking forward to this week for months--why?  This week was the Allstate Choral Festival, which is basically a gathering of hundreds of amazing singers, crammed into three days.

After I auditioned for and was accepted into the SSA choir, I started to count down the days until Allstate.  Three whole days of doing nothing but singing is an amazing experience (though some would beg to differ).

The only con to Allstate:  missing school, because that means missing tests.  In fact, I'm going to have to take about three on Monday--no pressure or anything.  Also, I'm starting to work on applications for some different organizations at school, and applications cannot be completed in five minutes.

All stress aside, Allstate was just as amazing as I thought it would be.  The campus where it was held was absolutely beautiful (hilly, but beautiful) and the rehearsals were very productive.

Rolling campuses

The clinician (director) of our choir was one of the single-most interesting people I've ever met.  He made the four hour rehearsals seem shorter, somehow.  We improved so much under his direction;  I feel as though my voice has gotten so much stronger over the past few days.


April 8, 2015

Part of having a unique sense of style is being able to step out of one's comfort zone.

Harem pants were a popular spring trend last year, but I never considered investing in a pair.  If I'm completely honest, I thought they were too closely related to pajama pants. This year, I happened to see a pair at one of my local boutiques, and I was pretty ecstatic when they fit.

These pants are definitely out of my comfort zone figuratively, but literally, they are the most comfortable pants I've ever owned.  Very lightweight material and very loose fit equals very comfortable clothing.

After an impromptu invasion of my closet, I've found that these pants pair well with a lot of different items--some more feminine, some more edgy.  When I do step out into the world while adorned in the harem pants, I'll probably be pairing them with a mixture of both:  a happy medium.



Mixing prints is another trend that is out of my comfort zone, but my love for this scarf and these pants is so great that I figured it was going to be a match made in Heaven.


April 5, 2015

I think people look forward to this holiday for three major reasons:

1. Free gifts (Christmas was a really long time ago)
2. Being able to immerse ourselves in whatever we gave up for Lent
3. Showing off "the-perfect-Easter-dress-that-we-spent-too-much-time-shopping-for" at church

Print and place in white frame for Easter breakfast table. It's not about the bunny, it's about the lamb #Easterprintable

All of the above things are quite enjoyable--I've been watching YouTube and eating candy for the past few hours.  However, we're really missing the point with the holiday.

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