BEING A PREP FOR A WEEK: 4/5/15 -- 4/11/15

April 11, 2015

My motto for this week:  Stressed is an understatement, but dying is an overstatement.

I'd been looking forward to this week for months--why?  This week was the Allstate Choral Festival, which is basically a gathering of hundreds of amazing singers, crammed into three days.

After I auditioned for and was accepted into the SSA choir, I started to count down the days until Allstate.  Three whole days of doing nothing but singing is an amazing experience (though some would beg to differ).

The only con to Allstate:  missing school, because that means missing tests.  In fact, I'm going to have to take about three on Monday--no pressure or anything.  Also, I'm starting to work on applications for some different organizations at school, and applications cannot be completed in five minutes.

All stress aside, Allstate was just as amazing as I thought it would be.  The campus where it was held was absolutely beautiful (hilly, but beautiful) and the rehearsals were very productive.

Rolling campuses

The clinician (director) of our choir was one of the single-most interesting people I've ever met.  He made the four hour rehearsals seem shorter, somehow.  We improved so much under his direction;  I feel as though my voice has gotten so much stronger over the past few days.

Another pleasant aspect of the Festival is being able to be with friends, both new and old.  One of my friends was in the SSA choir as well, and, needless to say, we saw a little too much of each other in three days.  However, experiences are much more enjoyable when a friend is at your side.

Being with friends

We ran into the girls from our middle school choir, whom I wasn't aware I had missed so much.  Things will be very interesting next year when they move over to the high school.

Seeing old friends

Allstate is over, but I've taken so much away from the experience.

I'll never forget the words that our clinician spoke to us:
"In the entire universe, there is only one person that is wholly you, and the world desperately needs that person."

Go out and try some new things:  go zip lining, be in a play, audition for a choir.  If you don't ever give yourself a chance to shine, the world will never experience the light that you could have.  And that's a tragedy, my friends.

How was your week?


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