June 18, 2018

Ciao!  It seems like I haven't discussed my life happenings on the blog in at least six months.  Before I delve into that, I need to address the first portion of this post's title.

I told you that I recently graduated high school, but I have yet to talk about my college decision or any of my acceptances--mainly because May 1 (National Decision Day) fell right before a lovely onslaught of AP exams and study sessions.  To sum my experience up quickly, I applied to nine colleges and a few scholarship programs, and after many, many discussions and deliberations, I finally made a decision.

I am excited to announce that I am now part of the Class of 2022 at the University of Florida in Gainesville!  Go Gators!

I really couldn't be happier about my decision.  I've always loved visiting UF's campus, and I'm thrilled to be spending four years in one of my favorite states at a top-ten public university.


June 3, 2018

Well, it has been far, far too long since I have written and published a blog post!  I'll be sure to update you on a few major events that have occurred since we last spoke, but for now I would like to focus on one of my favorite types of posts to write and read.

Since my freshman year, I have been writing these "lesson" posts to teach upcoming high school students about what I have learned during each year of high school.  Now that I am a graduated senior (thank goodness), I would like to share a little about my experiences during senior year and what I took away from my last year in high school.  Without further ado:

Prep For A Day

1. Give yourself permission to rest.
Senior year can be very stressful, and it's easy to allow yourself to become overwhelmed and overworked.  However, you will be ten times more productive and alert if you give yourself time to relax each day--trust me, it works!

2. Realize the importance of what you are doing.
If you are a college-bound senior, you will quickly learn that most colleges ask for a senior class schedule and a mid-year grade report during the application process;  in fact, many universities highly value these items as tools to evaluate applicants.  Keep this in mind when you are registering for your classes and throughout the first semester of your senior year.
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