October 29, 2016

Ciao!  How are things going?  Long time, no see, right?  Definitely right.  Welcome back to my small corner of the Internet which, rather unfortunately, has been without an operator for the past few weeks.

I'm sure that readers of my last post have a substantial idea as to what contributed to my absence, but in case you missed it, I can sum it up rather quickly:  life decided to challenge me by seeing just how much I could fit into my daily schedule and still have ample room for breathing and sleeping.  Life doesn't always play fair, as I learned.

Fast forward to the present, and I can affirm that I'm very happy to be back blogging.  It really allows me to utilize a part of my brain that is neglected by my routine schoolwork. For now, I'm just hoping for the best!

Prep For A Day

Now, on to some of my favorite links from the past weeks:
This post has thoroughly convinced me that Bavaria is the most beautiful destination in Europe...
The ten habits of super-achievers, according to Forbes--a good article to bookmark!
Let's take a moment to appreciate how stylish these modified rain boots are...


October 20, 2016

Picture this:  a girl sits in the middle of her bedroom, various papers and binders lying in formation around her.  Each paper represents yet another task to be fulfilled, another check to be marked in a box. The papers--or what they represent, rather--frighten the girl;  she hasn't the faintest idea where to begin with the massive piles of things around her and yet she realizes that she must begin in order to make them disappear.  The hour is late, her head aches, and her mind spins in a dozen directions when she says aloud, "Is all of this worth it?"

As you may have guessed, that girl is me, and the description you just read is a little scenario that has played out a few times too many over the past months.  I had been warned that burnout was a real danger, especially to high school and college students, but I hadn't ever considered that I would be experiencing it head-on.

Prep For A Day

It's such a peculiar situation because I've already enjoyed this year infinitely more than I've enjoyed the other two years of high school I have under my belt.  Socially, things have improved astronomically.  I enjoy the classes I'm taking;  they are more challenging, but I prefer them to be that way.  For once I feel as though I'm involved in things that I truly wish to be involved in, and I even feel like I could earn my way to a leadership position in some of those things.  On paper everything sounds perfect, which is part of the reason why this burnout is so infuriating.

BEING A PREP FOR A WEEK: 10/2/16 -- 10/8/16

October 8, 2016

Before we delve into this post, let's not ignore a few important topics.  First, it's October. For those of you living in colder parts of the world, that might mean that you've already pulled out thicker layers of clothing and winter boots;  for those of us in the South, this October has signaled a steady decline in the number of hours of daylight and an onslaught of rain caused by Hurricane Matthew (which I hope you're all well and safe from!).  I did spot a leaf on the ground the other day, so that's evidence of nature's remarkable progress.

Second, this is the first time I've published one of these posts in several weeks.  As you can probably guess, that unfortunate turn of events was caused by the utter insanity of the past few weeks of my life. This past week in particular started off on a rather sour note, but it ended as wonderfully as could be expected.  It just goes to show you, doesn't it?  Thankfully, I'm currently facing a four-day fall break, so you can bet that I'll be using that free time to get back on track.

Prep For A Day

Now, on to some of my favorite links from the past week:
I've found it:  the perfect fashion blog.  Blogger Jenny Cipoletti runs a blog that is the perfect blend of lovely travel shots, everyday musings, and classic, feminine fashion.
If you love classics like Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre, you will find this Instagram account thoroughly amusing...


October 5, 2016

In a world that is constantly trying to outdo the inventions of today in order to create the new-and-improved future of tomorrow, it's very easy to forget about the past.  I appreciate modern inventions and culture as much as anyone, but I also feel that our society has really missed out on the beauty of old, vintage-era things, especially old movies.

There's something about a black and white (or a saturated Technicolor) screen and a glamorous tale combination that just can't be outdone.  If you haven't ever experienced the magic of watching a classic, fifties-esque film, you're missing out on part of a completely unique, unreal reality.  However, if you have indeed missed out on the old film craze, you're certainly in the right place to jump on the bandwagon.

Prep For A Day

Breakfast at Tiffany's:  This movie is a given;  it practically started its own cult after its release.  Audrey Hepburn stars as the glamorous, charming Holly Golightly in a lighthearted romance you won't soon forget.

An Affair to Remember:  Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant have amazing chemistry in this film, and the overall plot is much sweeter than the title might suggest.  The last phrases of dialogue in the movie are enough to put a smile on anyone's face.

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