April 15, 2015

Spring cleaning--hurrah?

I definitely prefer being in an organized space, but I'm not going to set my alarm five minutes earlier so I can tidy my room.  It's just too lengthy a process;  besides, I have things to do and people to see.

Closet cleaning can be a bummer, but it's something I look forward to.  Less clothing items equals more hangers to put more clothing items on, and so the cycle continues.  You can look forward to closet cleaning as well, if you put yourself in the right frame of mind.

Spring Cleaning Made More Manageable -- Prep For A Day

1. Recycling is Key
We all have that one shirt that's lurking in the darkest corners of our closet, just begging to be worn. Maybe, just this once, you can give it another shot.  Surely you can find something that would be suitable--give it a try.

2. Forget Sentimentality
Oftentimes, sentimentality is a valued character trait.  However, when cleaning out your closet (or anything else of that nature), you need to put aside the sentimental value of most items.  You may have been wearing that dress when you went on that amazing vacation, but if you never wear it anymore, why should you keep it?  The people who accompanied you on said vacation will understand.

3. Keep the Basics
I'm not the best at this rule--I'd rather keep the elegant lace top with the embroidery.  It's better financially to keep the basics like tees, jackets, simple sweaters, or a good pair of jeans, because they can be paired with almost anything.  If it isn't broken, don't fix it (or buy another one).

4. Organize to Organize
Since I'm not completely O.C.D., I'm not going to painstakingly color-code every item of clothing I own--but a bit of organization goes a long way.  One blogger recommended organizing items by sleeve length, which is fairly easy to accomplish and keep up.  I also keep a separate section for my dresses, cardigans, vests, tee shirts, and button-downs.

5. Donate
Why tarnish clothes that are in good shape, when they could be worn by other people?  Donating sounds difficult, but in reality, it's simple as can be.  Others will be extremely grateful for your donation, and having that knowledge is an even better feeling than having a clean closet.

How do you feel about spring cleaning?


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