February 22, 2015

This past week was, as far as weeks go, a pretty good one.  I was out of school Monday because of a holiday, and I was out of school Friday because of snow.  I was delayed at least two hours every other day.  Not that I despise school or anything, but I really didn't feel like going when it was about nine degrees outside.

I had already planned out my entire three-day weekend:  on Friday I would start working on a new blog post (with time to frolic in the snow, of course);  on Saturday I would finish the blog post, post an update to Instagram, and then start working on the load of homework at the foot of my bed;  and then Sunday I would finish up any other homework. study for the three tests I had on Monday, and enjoy trying a new Italian restaurant with my family (though not in that order).

I suppose since the week did not go according to plan, it was only fair that my three-day weekend did not follow the plan either.  I didn't expect a colossal amount of snow, but I had hoped for more than the .05 inches that we received.  Thus, any idea of frolicking in the snow was abandoned.

Life Is A Give and Take -- Prep For A Day

I did, however, get a great start on my blog post, and on Saturday I was typing hurriedly away.  I might've even been finished before lunch!  I was down to the last sentence, and with one too many clicks of the wrong button, whoosh!  The entire post had been deleted, pictures and all.

After trying an array of methods to try and recover the post, I finally accepted the fact that the post was not going to magically appear back on the screen (unless I completely re-typed the entire thing).  As you can probably guess, I didn't feel like blogging much after that.

In fact, I didn't feel like doing anything after that, and so I didn't make much of a dent in my load of homework.

That brings us up to the present.  The point of telling all of you about my fiasco of a weekend (besides proving that weather in the South can be annoying at times) is to prove that life is a give and take.  You miss an extra day of school, you receive an extra day's worth of homework. You delete the blog post that you worked on for hours, and you are inspired to write a different post instead.

Life is a roller coaster ride of good events and bad events and events you won't remember after a week. One day is a cruise through good events, and the next is a downfall of bad ones.  However, you have to remember that life isn't just good or bad, it's both.  That's why it's a smart idea to be able to cope with the bad that follows the good, and wait patiently for the good that follows the bad.

Although, just between us, I really hope the Italian restaurant visit goes well.

I hope you found this advice useful for your own fiascos and weekend disasters!


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