October 20, 2014

So, ever find yourself lazing around with absolutely nothing to do?  You know what you could do?
R-E-A-D!  (I'm very aware that I sound like a really annoying middle school teacher right now.)

I'm sure that for some of you reading is number 450 on your list of "Things I Do When I Get Bored Out of My Mind" list (right between taking practice standardized tests and watching documentaries).

However, I think everyone needs to check out these books.  Most of them aren't really new releases, but they're some of my favorites that I love re-reading on lazy, dull, boring fall days.

1. Jane Eyre:  Kill me for putting one of those AP English books up there, but this one has some pretty radical ideas and situations, especially considering the time period it was written.  Plus, it's a die-hard ROMANCE ladies!  We can at least appreciate that aspect of it, right?

2. All Things Bright and Beautiful Especially recommended if you are going into a medical field!  My mom told me to get this book because I want to be a veterinarian (considering it is the memoir of a veterinarian), and honestly, at first it was like reading a textbook.  After getting into it, though, I've really enjoyed it.  James Herriot is a pretty darn good guy.

3. The One:  The last installment of one of my favorite series.  Sort of like The Bachelorette except the girls are competing for the hand of the prince (who, by the way, is the greatest character ever).  This is the final stand: Prince Maxon is finally going to choose "the One"!

4. A Voice in the Wind:  It really surprises me that a book we read in school turned out to be one of my favorite books I've ever read.  Set right around the time of the second diaspora, the book is the story of a Christian Jew, Hadassah, who is enslaved and taken to Rome after Jerusalem is destroyed.  There her story becomes entwined with that of Marcus Valerian, the powerful (and very handsome) son of her owner, and Atretes, a Germanic warrior taken from his homelands to fight in the Colosseum.  Lovely ending, I must tell you.

5. Cinder:  Think Cinderella, except that her one of her stepsisters catches a deadly disease, her sidekick is an android instead of singing mice, there is a malevolent queen who lives on the moon (aka Luna) that wants to take over the entire Earth, and the heroine herself is a cyborg.  It's impossible to find a book more original than that.

Any suggestions for me?


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