July 22, 2015

If you've been to a school in the past ten years, I'm nearly positive that you've made a list of your goals. Of course, if you're a Type H personality (the less stressed and aggressive version of the Type A personality) through and through, you've probably made this list about twenty times in the last three months.  One thing I've learned about myself is that I'm a dreamer;  I enjoy thinking about all of the aspirations and goals I have, and how in the world I'm going to accomplish them.

I've been realizing that not all goals are created equal--that is to say, some goals are put aside because they're deemed too small or eccentric to worry about.  Are you really going to strive for just one day in Paris when you could be thinking about a collegiate education?

However, I think it's important to embrace every single goal you have, no matter how idealistic or spontaneous they might seem, no matter how whimsical and small they might be.  You should still focus on college--but don't forget about Paris, either.

1. Be able to stroll through Rome and understand the conversations going on around me.
I love languages, and the language of Italia is one of my favorites.  When in Rome (assuming I get there)...

2. Go to a fancy dinner and have that "Eliza Doolittle" moment.
Having royalty waltz with me would also be dreamy, but the dinner party will suffice.

3. Be able to understand every question on the ACT Math test.
Even if I don't calculate every answer correctly, at least I'll know how I should go about calculating.

4. Go to Salzburg, Austria, and blare out "The Sound of Music."
What a wonderful photo opportunity, and what a lovely chance to scare the locals.

5. Sing onstage and have that "Christine Daae" moment.
If I can somehow force myself to become a primadonna, I'll be singing with the utmost confidence.

6. Wake up in a premier hotel and have coffee and macarons for breakfast.
Another wonderful photo opportunity, and an opportunity to fully realize how wonderful life is.

7. Have a library that's overflowing with books.
If I ever have free time in between veterinary things and pageantry and blogging and traveling, I'll take the time to live--and snuggle up in a library of my own design.

8. Own at least five dogs and two cats.
This is more of a requirement than a goal;  my household will cease to be a home until animals are occupying it.

9. Have a garden full of hydrangeas and roses.
At least I'll have an excuse to get off of the computer and actually venture into the sunlight.

10. Have an Audrey Hepburn kind of day.
You know, where everything's just darling and you somehow know that everything will be perfectly fine. I'd like to have a lifetime of those days.

After all, everything starts with a dream.

What are some of your most fanciful goals?


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