BEING A PREP FOR A WEEK: 7/5/15 -- 7/11/15

July 11, 2015

Here we are, in the hottest days of summer, and our pool deflates.  That was a bummer--but thankfully, that was the only real downer that occurred this week.


Now, on to some of my favorite links from the past week:
If you didn't already know this about me, I love reading other blogs.  Not just because they're one of my main sources of inspiration and because I really enjoy reading in general, but also because I love looking at different blog designs.  When I was a beginner blogger, I had no idea about HTML code or widgets or any variation of the kind.  Now that I've had to delve into the darkest parts of the Blogger interface, I can really appreciate the time it takes to do some of those cool things on different bloggers' pages.  Anyway, I just stumbled upon Quaintrelle, and in all honesty, it's one of the most beautifully designed blogs I've ever seen--paired with exquisite writing.
The other blog I'm fervently reading is History In High Heels.  Since I really want to make this European escapade a reality, I've been loving all of her insider tips and tricks for making the most out of each country.  Who knew there was a certain ritual to drinking coffee in Italia?
And if we're going to stay on the blogging subject, I should proudly declare that I've figured out how to create my own Pin-it buttons!  The tutorial made it sound so easy, and I suppose it would've been, if I hadn't accidentally deleted that one piece of code...

Perhaps by next week, I'll have figured out how to center the sidebar!

How was your week?



  1. I enjoy looking at other blogs for design inspiration as well! love this post :) xx, kenz


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