BEING A PREP FOR A WEEK: 7/12/15 -- 7/18/15

July 18, 2015

Half of July is already gone--is it time to start panicking yet?

The fact that I finally got my permit was cause for much panicking in my household (most of which was done by myself).  Besides overcoming that dilemma, I also went shopping at my favorite store and breakfasted at my favorite place, IHOP.  These banana pudding pancakes were a lovely pick-me-up!

Since I'm a huge Hamptons decor lover, I was thrilled to have found this house, a beautiful template for what I'd eventually love to reside in.  Everything's perfect, except for the price tag, of course!
I'll be honest with you, I've also been religiously reading all of the History In High Heels travel posts.  One of my absolute favorites features all of the lovely aspects of the French Riviera.
This is one of my favorite Chinese proverbs.

Along with blaring out soprano notes, working on school assignments, and frequenting Snapchat more than I should, I've been bracing myself for the school year yet to come.  Oh, summer, why'd you have to be so short?

How was your week?


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