Outfit: July Stripes (Collab)

I have a quick confession to make:  I've never been a huge Fourth of July fanatic.  We definitely celebrate it in my family;  however, while everyone else is out gawking at fireworks, we're usually inside gawking at the dinner my mom has whipped up.
Fourth of July fan or not, I am in love with stripes.  I'm surprised that I don't have twenty striped shirts in my closet.  Since stripes are such a staple--and they're truly patriotic--Katelyn from The Yellow Spectacles and I have decided to share our favorite outfits from our striped inventories.
Prep For A Day
Toby also happens to love stripes (although he admits he'll always have a special place in his heart for paw prints).
Prep For A Day
Prep For A Day
This is my favorite striped shirt because a) it's from Old Navy, b) it has the perfect neckline, and c) it's one of my favorite shades of blue.  Plus it coordinated with Toby's leash--how much more perfect could it get?
Prep For A Day
Prep For A Day
You know I couldn't resist adding just a touch of red...
Prep For A Day
Prep For A Day

To see more of the striped craze, drop by The Yellow Spectacles and read Katelyn's post (you won't be disappointed)!

Wishing you a Happy Fourth!

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  1. love your outfit! your dog is also sososoosossos cute! xx, kenz

    1. Thank you (from both Toby and me)!