September 15, 2016

Audrey Hepburn.  Grace Kelly.  Jackie O.  We associate those names with timelessness: these women and their very names evoke a sense of grace, poise, and elegance.  To put it quite frankly, even in a world that evolves and modernizes every day, their styles have never quite gone "out of style."  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all could harness that same confidence and self-assurance through our own clothing choices and personalities?

In fact, that process is easier than you might think.  It has become increasingly difficult for individuals--especially young women--to find styles that both reflect their identities and stay true to the fashions of the modern era.  Most of them aren't sure of the self they want the world to see, so they go along with the fashion trends that they see adorning models and celebrities--but those are called trends for a reason.  To find your own unique style, you have to break away from the trends and embrace what I have termed "the classic rules."

Prep For A Day

1. Only Wear What You Love:  Don't wear that shirt just because you've seen thirteen other girls wearing a similar style.  Don't try on that dress just because you know it's "in style," if you really don't like the dress.  Sticking to what you truly love wearing is the best way to keep your style comfortable and uniquely you.

2. Never Have too Much of a Good Thing:  Trends, I'm talking about you.  We've all seen the women who look as though they've tried to incorporate every single current style trend into one outfit.  While there isn't anything wrong with trying out the trends that you like, there is such a thing as being overly trendy--and that is the very opposite of being classic.

3. If You Have to Ask, Don't Wear It:  As far as modesty goes, just remember that if you feel the need to ask about the appropriateness of a clothing item or outfit, it probably is a bit on the inappropriate side. The same goes for trying out new style combinations; if you have to ask yourself whether you really feel comfortable wearing something, chances are that you should change things up.

4. Embrace Individuality:  Most importantly, having a classic style ultimately means embracing your own unique tastes and combining them with trends (both old and new) you can envision yourself wearing.  Taking that course of action truly ensures that your fashion sense will never go out of style, as you--a dynamic character in the story of life--will never cease being "in style," being someone who both adapts with the times and remains true to her own values.

Thankfully, it is extremely possible to remain a "Hepburn in a Hilton world."  In fact, finding yourself and what you truly love is one of the easiest tasks of life, relatively speaking--and that's the first step to becoming a classic.

What are your thoughts on remaining classic versus embracing all modern trends?

P.S. This post was a collaboration with a wonderful group of writers from The Millenials, a platform for students from all parts of the world to gather and write about their thoughts and opinions.  It truly is an exceptional community, and I hope that you'll give them a visit.



  1. I totally agree with #3- my go to for deciding if something is appropriate to wear to school or not, always better to be safe than sorry!



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