September 9, 2016

If I could remain in a completely productive state for the rest of my life, I would undoubtedly be the happiest type-A overachiever in the entire world--but unfortunately, it's rather impossible to be productive 24/7, especially when one considers nagging little activities like sleeping and eating (just kidding).

I've found that my productivity levels are highly influenced by several variables, and I'll wager a guess that the same can be said for you.  Thankfully, I've discovered some sure-fire ways to boost productivity levels pretty astronomically.  Of course, I wouldn't have a productive bone in my body without a functioning work area, which is why I'm sharing my small slice of productivity heaven with you as well.

Now, that being said, a good work space is rendered completely useless without a good work ethic.  Here are some of my favorite ways to become more productive on a daily basis:

1. Set Up a Schedule:  The best way to avoid the procrastination trap is to parcel out a specific amount of time for productivity in your schedule.  Want to get some things accomplished on Saturday morning from seven to eight?  Write it down, and get those things accomplished.

2. Have Water Readily Available:  I'm pretty horrible about drinking enough water during the day, and I've had to learn from experience that dehydration and productivity do not mix.  Making sure that you have a bottle of water near your work space is a key step in establishing productiveness.

3. Turn the Phone Off:  The vast majority of us are somewhat attached to our cellular devices, and while they can be extremely helpful at times, they are also an ultimate source of distraction.  To ensure that it doesn't divert your attention for too long, just turn your cell phone completely off until you've finished working.

4. Organize as You Work:  A cluttered work area can signal a cluttered mind;  as I've learned from experience, cluttered minds and productivity don't mix very well together, either.  Try to clean and organize your work space as you go along in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

5. Have Set Goals in Mind:  My best tip about being more productive is to have a definite list in mind of everything that you want to accomplish--even better, to write everything out on paper.  It's a great way to organize your thoughts and to keep track of what you've done.

Now that you have some inspiration about productivity and planning, here's a piece of advice:  "The best way to get things done is to simply begin."  So, what are you waiting for?

How do you stay productive?



  1. You have such a cute desk space, I love the stickers on your computer!
    xo, Syd

  2. I love your workspace-it's so cheerful, neat, and clean!
    I always agree with all your tips!
    Happy Week ahead!

  3. Love the "Blogging Day" cup on your desk! I have a bad habit of not turning my phone off when I study, which leads me to getting distracted. Hopefully, this year I can change that and be more focus with my phone on airplane mode. Great tips!
    -Kim :)

    1. My phone has always been the ultimate source of distraction for me; turning it off really does wonders! Thanks for reading!


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