October 7, 2015

There's one in every crowd, in every school, in every town, and possibly in every home.
Perfectionists are everywhere.  No matter how many advertisements that read "Embrace Imperfection" are broadcasted, perfectionists keep on looking for perfection.  I know, because I am one.

Being a perfectionist is definitely a double-edged sword.  On one hand, it usually results in a wonderful work ethic and a meticulous eye for detail.  On the other hand, this attention to detail often leads to over-scrutinizing, which usually leads to stress.  When a perfectionist spots imperfection (and it's very likely that this will happen), it's like a personal blow.

Prep For A Day

If you've ever been upset over a test score that was three points lower than you wanted it to be, chances are that you have a bit of the perfectionist streak within you.  Do uneven lines and asymmetry bother you?  How about cluttered spaces?  If you're a blogger, does that one un-centered picture on your sidebar vex you to no end?

Honestly, I think the majority of people are perfectionists in one way or another--and there isn't anything wrong with that scenario.  However, it's important to accept and embrace the fact that achieving perfection is impossible.  Neglecting to acknowledge that fact will result in a large amount of undue stress and worry for you (take it from someone who knows).

My mother has always told me one piece of advice regarding my perfectionism:  "You cannot berate yourself for making one mistake.  You cannot criticize yourself for not being PERFECT.   There was only one perfect human being that walked this Earth;  the rest of us have to accept our mistakes, and keep moving on."

Instead of reaching for perfection, try for your best.  In the end, doing your best is all that really matters.

Are you a fellow perfectionist?



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