October 28, 2015

Everyone knows that life isn't fair.  It's a fact.

One of the not-so-lovely things that makes life unfair is failure;  specifically, the form that comes when we don't have immediate success in some facet of our lives.

Not being able to accomplish something, especially something that took a chunk of time and energy, is frustrating, to say the least.  No matter how much of a downer failure is, you can't let it keep you down for long.

1. Don't Jump to Conclusions:  Our first reaction to failure is usually a mixture of sadness and anger. Don't let your mouth run away with you, and don't begin bashing yourself.  You can't let one failure define you and the others around you.

2. Don't Over-analyze:  This can make the failure swell to astronomical sizes in your head.  Thinking about what could have or should have happened won't help you at all. Even though it seems impossible, try not to dwell on the incident.

3. Treat Yourself:  Whether it's with ice cream or a movie night, give yourself the time to recuperate.  Food can usually make everything better.

4. Look at the Big Picture:  After the initial feelings of frustration have worn off, try to consider the big picture.  Will this failure affect your entire life as a whole?  Would success have really been the right thing for you?  Chances are, there's something ten times better around the corner.

5. Try Again:  What's the good thing about failure?  It isn't permanent, which means that you have the perfect opportunity to shoot for something even better.

You know what they say:  "Failure is a much more faithful teacher than immediate success."

How do you deal with failure?



  1. I love this Tori! I definitely makes things way more "important" than they actually are so sometimes it's important to step back for a moment and say "Will a 70 on one History quiz ruin the rest of my life or even just my grade in the class". Usually, for me, the answer is no!


    1. I find myself saying the exact same things, Katie. I'm glad you enjoyed the post!


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