Promptly raise your right hand if you are excited about fall (I can't really tally the count, but I'll just take the liberty of imagining a sea of raised hands)!  As Jordan Baker famously states in The Great Gatsby, "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall".

I think that crisp atmosphere, that anticipation hovering in the air, that knowledge of bright leaves and windy days and cooler temperatures to come, are what makes fall such a beloved time of year.  Of course, we can't forget fall clothing and, more specifically, fall shoes.  Whether you're eagerly embracing the modified cold by staking out boots of every style or you're clinging to summer temperatures by sticking to flats and sandals, fall is the perfect time to transition your footwear.  What better way to do that than to examine some of this season's biggest shoe trends?

Prep For A Day

Lace-Up Flat -- Suede Ankle Boot -- Tan Leather Bootie -- Back Strap Rain Boot -- Navy Bean Boots -- Suede Lace-Up Heel

Laces, leather, and suede;  rain boots, short boots, and heels:  these are just a sampling of the shoe trends that are emerging for the autumn.  I personally cannot wait to start regularly wearing ankle boots and flats, and who doesn't love the thought of romping around in a well-structured rain boot or block heel?

Tune back in next week for a post all about autumnal inspiration, but for now, let's enjoy this in-between time of the seasons--it's always the best time of year!

What shoes are you looking forward to wearing this fall?

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  1. Super cute! These lace up flats I see everywhere. happy October,