Being A Prep For A Week: 7/19/15 -- 7/25/15

And then it was August.  Where does the time go, anyway?
My week was very busy;  from haircuts to orthodontist appointments to a total of sixteen hours of learning choreography (all highlighted events on my Snapchat), it was a little chaotic.  Fun, but chaotic.
Another less than enjoyable event that occurred was my nasty run-in with the corner of a cabinet in my room (don't ask).  However, because of said run-in, that cabinet is going to be transferred to another room and I'll have a perfect blank slate for a new gallery wall!  Pinterest has definitely been a lovely resource for free prints.
Hanging art by yourself is hard. Ask a friend to help. — NE Photo by Jamie Lauren Photography via Style Me Pretty

Since you all know that Audrey Hepburn is my idol, you won't be surprised that I found and took this adorable quiz that reveals which Audrey character you are.  I got Funny Face Audrey, and I'm hoping Roman Holiday Audrey was a close second!
Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. Inspiration for my senior prom dress I had made :). One of my favorite movies!

Lastly, these marble-esque earrings from the newest Kendra Scott collection are stunning--perfect for a trip to Rome, I believe.
Kendra Scott Fran White Howlite Earrings #laylagrayce

How was your week?



  1. Looove the Kendra Scott pieces! They're gorgeous!

    1. They're my absolute favorites from the new collection!