June 21, 2016

I'm back, back, back again with a treasure trove of wisdom, courtesy of an important person in my life. You read about my mom's no-nonsense teachings, and in honor of Father's Day, you're about to experience my dad's side of the story.

My dad has this uncanny talent for making me laugh even when I'm terribly upset;  in fact, he has that effect on nearly everyone he meets.  He excels at making the people around him more at ease, and that's a skill that all of us could learn.  Read on to discover more of my dad's practical and comical advice.

Prep For A Day

Lesson One:  It's okay (even when it doesn't seem like it).
Whenever I am extremely upset or frustrated about something, my dad is the first to say those three words:  "It is okay."  In the heat of the moment I tend to disagree with him, but looking back, he is always right about putting things into perspective.  Don't let yourself be completely pessimistic concerning the outcome of any situation, even if it looks bleak.

Lesson Two:  Take your time, and don't rush through things.
Honestly, if you have to do some sort of task, it is much better to give yourself the time to do it well rather than rush through it and face the consequences of a shabby job.

Lesson Three:  Stay focused.
From college searches to ACT preparation, my dad definitely emphasizes perseverance in anything scholastic.  Beyond that, life is full of learning experiences, and it's best to get as much from them as possible in order to reach long-term goals and dreams.

Lesson Four:  Always be yourself;  after all, that's all you can do.
In life, you really only have one choice as to who you can be:  yourself.  If that course of action isn't preferable to other people, that's their dilemma, not yours.

Lesson Five:  Life is too short to avoid laughing.
This is one of my father's unofficial mantras, I believe.  Not a day goes by without him laughing in some way, and the best part about that is the fact that his laughter is infectious;  in other words, everyone around him receives a healthy dose of laughter as well.  Take it from him:  laughing is medicine for the soul.

Lesson Six:  Consequently, life is too short to avoid good food.
Of course, everything should be in moderation, but your years on this planet are too few to not eat at least a few wonderful meals...

Lesson Seven:  If it doesn't smell good, chances are that it won't taste good either.
A wonderful piece of wisdom for use in restaurants and house parties alike.

Lesson Eight:  Boys are (simply put) clueless about most things.
You know how you're tempted to think that adults are exaggerating when they are sharing tidbits like this?  One lesson I've taken away from my dad's stories about his teenage years is this:  the majority of teenage guys really are perplexed about everything from romance to social skills (can't say that I blame them).

Lesson Nine:  Don't wait until the last minute to start planning.
Funnily enough, some things go much more smoothly when they've been planned in advance (especially vacations and other trips);  so whatever the occasion, make sure to do plenty of research and preparation beforehand in order to make it more enjoyable for all parties involved.

Lesson Ten:  Just be nice.
This is the greatest lesson my dad has ever taught me, and it's a lesson that can carry one beyond the borders of society and bridge the gaps between people everywhere.  If just one person decides to be amicable in just one situation, imagine how many people could be affected by that one act of kindness! Overall, just be kind to each person you meet; everyone has the right to a little warmth and compassion, after all.

Even though Father's Day has passed, remember to appreciate the father figures in your life.  Believe it or not, their guidance can have a huge impact on your life--I know my dad's has done wonders for mine.

What are some of the lessons you've received from your father?



  1. I absolutely loved this, such a fun post to honor your father! My dad like yours always emphasized staying focused. He gave me money to do things so I didn't have to get a job while in school and could stay focused on my studies. I'm so thankful for that. Love your dad's advice to just be nice!


    1. What a wonderful way of allowing you to focus on your education (my parents have taken a similar approach)! I'm glad that you enjoyed the post!

  2. I couldn't agree more with number #2! If you're going to do something put in all your effort!
    xo, Syd

    1. It's one of my dad's favorite lessons! Thanks for reading!


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