June 10, 2016

Contrary to popular belief, this post will not be discussing diets or various lifestyles--if it were, we'd all be in serious trouble.

Today I'm writing about a concept that I love, along with another concept that my fellow blogger, Gabby, loves.  The two are directly related and, if properly balanced, result in a happy and fulfilling life.  To cut to the point, today's topics are idealistic dreaming and happy living, ideals that most of us fantasize about and cherish. However, it's essential that we establish a healthy medium between the pair in order to really achieve happiness.

Prep For A Day

Allow me to elaborate.  Last summer, I promptly decided that I would spend my days being completely productive:  studying up on various subjects, researching colleges, and improving my blog content.  I practically scheduled out every day to the minute, positive that all of that productivity would lead to tremendous things.  I had distinct goals in mind:  completely redesign the blog, gather together everything I could possibly need for college application time, be rather close to scoring perfectly on the ACT (among other things).

Sounds a little too idealistic, right?  Right;  however, my problem was that I held firm in my belief that achieving those lofty goals was my only ticket to living happily.

Looking back on that summer, I see that I wasn't working my way towards happiness; in fact, I was doing the exact opposite.  During all of that meticulous scheduling I had failed to allot any time for recuperation, resulting in a stressed and overworked student who, ironically enough, was supposed to be taking a vacation from those qualities.

That's where Gabby's idea comes in handy.  Happy living isn't produced by simply meeting goals (especially unrealistic ones);  it comes when one learns to live life to the fullest, embracing every hour and every minute.  This doesn't mean that you should forget about realizing your dreams--rather, you should realize what dreams are realistic for your own situation.  You can't just tell yourself that you'll become a brain surgeon tomorrow, but you can set short-term goals that will ultimately allow you to reach that dream--and a blissful state of happiness.

If you want another perspective on creating a proper balance in your life, peruse Gabby's post and her delightful blog (rightly titled A Blissful Life).

How would you go about achieving this balance in your own life?


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