March 11, 2016

As a blogger, I often have overly idealistic expectations for my technology skills. If I can piece together HTML code, I can easily fix a small glitch in my web browser, right? Wrong; in fact, I ended up deleting all of my meticulously organized bookmarks and email data before I fixed the problem. Although I was very frustrated by the situation, it gave me the opportunity to really sort through everything I have on my computer, and more importantly, to get rid of the files I no longer needed. "

Cleaning” out your computer and other devices doesn’t seem like a very meaningful task, but when you’re feeling buried under mounds of work or other stressful things, having a clean workplace is key. Another added bonus of a cyber cleanse:  it doesn’t take much time, but it saves you so much time in the long run!

Prep For A Day

How does one go about having a cyber cleanse?  Focus on three major areas:

If you don’t do anything else, make sure you go through all of your major files and downloads.  You’d be surprised by how many of the PDFs and text documents you’ve accumulated are useless reads (such as that syllabus for your eighth grade history class), and if you get rid of them, you can easily make space for more important documents that you’ll need in the future.

If you have thousands of pictures on your computer as well as on your phone and camera, it’s a good idea to go through and clear out some of them if you haven’t already. Maybe you have plenty of storage, but your pictures are stuffed into the same folder;  a cyber cleanse is the perfect opportunity to organize them.

Bookmarks, Subscriptions, and Other Miscellaneous Features
Is your bookmark tab overloaded with websites you hardly ever visit anymore?  Are you still subscribed to emails from stores you never really shop at?  It’s time to clear out any unwanted pop-ups, websites, emails, etc. from your desktop.  After all, if your browser is cluttered, you won’t be able to focus as well as you could if you had a nicely organized one.

You’ve heard of “new year, new you.”  It’s time for “fresh start, fresh desktop.”  So, if you’re stuck with free time this weekend, make the most of it and start your spring cleaning a bit early!

What else do you think should be an important part of having a cyber cleanse?



  1. I think you got everything on my cleanse list. I try to do this once a month!
    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

    1. I'm trying to make it a regular part of my routine. Thanks for reading!

  2. Spring cleaning for your computer!
    Happy Weekend, Katelyn


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