BEING A PREP FOR A WEEK: 2/21/16 -- 2/27/16

February 27, 2016

I've always liked the weekend, but I've never looked forward to it so much as I did this week.  It was another hectic seven days in my world, complete with school trips, makeup work, and multiple tests per day.  In a totally out-of-character move, I actually stayed home one day to rest up and counteract some serious burnout.  It was the best decision I could have made;  the next day, I came back to school ready and willing to work.

Other than that, I've spent a good amount of time lounging around with my two-legged siblings, deliberating whether Alabama's going to let spring come early or prolong winter for another few weeks.

Prep For A Day

Now, on to some of my favorite links from the past week:
The thirty most beautiful places to visit in Paris--c'est magnifique!
I thought I'd read about every Harry Potter plot twist ever invented, but this article raises some fascinating points!
This lace dress has me reminiscing about springtime...
If you want to see more of my new corgi, click no further!
Everything about this outfit is lovely--pastels, anyone?

We're all waiting impatiently for spring (and I'm waiting impatiently for a long break), but in the wise words of Anne Frank, "Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."

How was your week?


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