February 11, 2016

If you take a long look at a yearly calendar, you'll begin to notice that every month has some version of a holiday, whether it be Christmas or Easter or--Valentine's Day. February's own special holiday is a bit different from all of the others because of its often negative perception.  Some people are in love with the day of love, and others cannot stand the thought of it.  Why is that?

I have a theory that our society shapes a majority of its opinions around what appears on social media, especially in a cultural sense.  If a girl sees ten successive posts about the negative aspects of Valentine's Day, she's bound to start thinking about the holiday in a different light.  To test my theory, I asked several fellow bloggers to give their honest opinions about what February 14 signifies to them and other teens.

Prep For A Day

1. What is your perspective on Valentine's Day (do you love it, hate it, or are you indifferent)?
"I don't love nor do I hate Valentine's's silly (to me) to go all out one day to show affection when I personally like the idea of spreading the love and gifts throughout the year--for no apparent reason other than because it's something you want to do.  Not because everyone else is buying cards, chocolates, and gems." --Katelyn 

"Honestly, I don't mind Valentine's Day.  I love the sweet treats that come along with the holiday and it is a good day to remember how much you love everyone in your life, not just whoever you're dating!" --Katie

"I have never been particularly fond of Valentine's Day, aside from all the chocolates and candies of course!" --Sydney

"I really am indifferent when it comes to the topic of Valentine's Day.  While I think it's a wonderful day to really treat your loved one, I don't think Valentine's Day should be the only day that you treat them." --Mikayla 

"I love Valentine's Day!  I'm a big fan of all holidays, and Valentine's Day is no exception.  I love walking through a store and seeing the big holiday displays, and whenever I see the boxes of Valentine's Day cards displayed on the shelves beside the rows of candy hearts, I get so excited...Valentine's Day is a holiday known for revolving around love, but it usually focuses only on the romantic kind. I believe the way society views relationships is harmful to people, both single and as part of a couple. Valentine's Day is a day of love, and should exclude no one.  Romantic.  Familial. Friendship.  Love comes in many forms, and I think Valentine's Day should celebrate that!" --J

2. How do you think social media affects how teens (especially girls) feel about Valentine's Day?
"There is already a lot of pressure for young girls/teens to look and act a certain way. Depending on what accounts girl teens follow on Insta, the pressure of not having a boyfriend on Feb 14 could be a bit heartbreaking.  I'd say, not everything is as rosy in real life as it is on social media...IG feeds like @awwsam, @bestfriendsforfrosting, and @asprinkledlife are love-safe accounts--a lot of sweets, cute pictures, fun ideas, but not so many boyfriend- or lover-themed posts--it's strictly a 'guys before fries' type of attitude, which is the best!" --Katelyn

"I think social media definitely affects teens', particularly girls', feelings towards the holiday because it tends to create a gap behind girls with boyfriends and those without them!  I always notice a surge of lovey-dovey posts on the holiday and/or of gifts, which definitely can be hard for girls without a boyfriend or those who just went through a breakup!" --Katie

"While I am a big fan of social media, I find that it sometimes over-amplifies certain things, including different holidays.  I definitely think that this can give young teens a false hope or representation of the day." --Sydney

"I feel like social media hypes up Valentine's Day to an entirely different level than it really is. Valentine's Day is just a special day to publicly show affection.  Teens and teen girls are ambushed with this idea that on Valentine's Day you need to have someone to share it with.  You need to go above and beyond for that person you are sharing it with. As a teen girl, I often find myself searching for a guy who will put value to my worth.  I feel like social media exploits the idea that that special someone will do so.  A guy or a girl does not define your self worth. That longing for that treasure can lead you astray." --Mikayla 

"Teens' (girls and boys) feelings are fragile.  Social media plays a big role in how people view themselves. To a young adult, it is important to be accepted, and in this day and age when so many teens have social media, it's easy to base self-worth around the number of likes or retweets one has received.  I have fallen victim to obsessing over social media like I know so many others before me have, but that doesn't mean I love Valentine's Day any less. Over the years I have realized how important it is to realize your own self-worth...on February 14, multiple pictures of couples will appear in my feed, but that doesn't make me want to not celebrate Valentine's Day.  I believe that this day should be observed as a day of love for anyone and everyone, and not just those who have a significant other. Valentine's Day should be celebrated as just an extra-special day to show people media could greatly influence teens' thoughts about this holiday, and love in general.  Let's use these platforms to showcase love in all its forms." --J

Valentine's Day is clearly an interesting subject, even to the thousands who celebrate it every year.  As for my fellow bloggers and me, we don't hate the holiday;  we recognize it not as the sugar-coated version that it can be portrayed as, but as what it truly is:  a day dedicated to loving others.

What's your opinion on Valentine's Day?



  1. I absolutely loved this post Tori, thanks for including me!!
    xo, Syd

  2. I love seeing different people's perspectives of this day. Thank you for including me.

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  3. Yay! This post turned out great :) Thanks for asking me to participate!

  4. I loved how this post turned out! Thank you so much for including me!


  5. Such a fun (and informative) read...thanks for including me Tori!-Katelyn
    The Yellow Spectacles

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for participating!


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