December 8, 2014

If I ever am in dire need of inspiration, I have two resources:  Pinterest and (you guessed it) Instagram. There are some really amazing professional style accounts out there.  Of course there are some newbies out there (*cough* @prepforaday *cough*) who have pretty cool accounts too.  Here are some of my favorite Instas:

1. @Carly

Account:  @Carly -- Prep For A Day

Literally, goals.  Life goals, clothes goals, dog goals...

Her posts aren't just about fashion, either.  She has some wicked food shots in there...and her dog...oh her dog!  If you ever need inspiration, you'll definitely find it on her account (make sure to check out her blog too!).

2. @PrepAvenue

Think Kate Spade reincarnated, with a little Lilly thrown in there too.  Her account is full of monograms, quotes, pink, and a just a little more pink.  Add in the fact that she has a lovely blog, and you should be sold!

3. @_LaurenandEmery_

 Account:  @_LaurenandEmery_ -- Prep For A DayAccount:  @_LaurenandEmery_ -- Prep For A Day

What could be better than a wonderfully stylish, perfectly preppy girl?  Two.  Lauren and Emery are pretty much perfect, and so is their account.  Did I mention they have a YouTube?

4. @DanyellyMarie

Account:  @DanyellyMarie -- Prep For A Day

Let's just say that if you aren't talking happy, she doesn't want to talk.  She is super inspirational, and her style is on point!  Plus her YouTube channel is one of the best out there!

5. @ExtraPetite

Account:  @ExtraPetite -- Prep For A Day

I have a special place in my heart for this account because I'm also petite, and I understand the struggle. Even if you aren't petite, you'll love this account.  Her style is impeccable!

As they say, check out the pros when you want to get rid of your woes!


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