December 13, 2014

I love Christmas music.  I love it so much, in fact, that I start listening to the Christmas station in July.  I'm a sucker for the old choir songs.  There is something so gratifying about singing a Christmas song like that at the top of your lungs.  If you haven't done that yet, I suggest you try within the next five minutes.  You'll get my drift!

Christmas Classics and Carols -- Prep For A Day

1. "Hard Candy Christmas":  This one is a bit of a wild card.  I'll never know why I love this song so much, but there's something about it that makes me want to sing it for days on end.

2. "Joy To The World":  What could be happier than this song?  I love pretending to be in an opera while singing this, too!  Not sure which version to get?  My personal favorite is this one with David Archuleta!

3. "Away In A Manger":  At my first chorus concert ever, one of the solos was this song.  It was absolutely magical, and I've loved it ever since.  This version by Celtic Woman is beautiful.

4. "Carol of the Bells":  Has there ever been a person who could resist singing along to this song  I'm super excited to be singing this at my chorus concert in a few days, but honestly, my favorite version is the instrumental.

5. "Little Drummer Boy":  It's a family tradition for us to watch this movie every single year.  It never fails to make my mom sob her eyes out (which isn't such a bad thing).   The song is my favorite part of the entire movie.

6. "Do You Hear What I Hear?":  It's a glorious, triumphant song.  Never fails to put me in a better mood.

Do you have any favorite Christmas songs?


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