Who doesn't love a pretty font or a lovely italic?  Calligraphy is just one of those art forms that many people enjoy looking at, whether it's on a card or on a computer screen (Pinterest, anyone?).

However, it doesn't just have to be something you look at;  it can be something you master, without the aid of any special tools or abilities.  If you can write well, you can probably do calligraphy.

Prep For A Day

Follow a few simple steps to become a calligraphy artist--in your own unique way.

Prep For A Day

1. Find Your Sentence:  This is very self-explanatory.  Before you start writing, you need to settle on something to write, whether it's a quote or a word or a group of words that suits your fancy.

Prep For A Day

2. Write It Out:  Next, using your regular handwriting, write out whatever words you settled on. Traditional calligraphy usually resembles cursive, but print will work just as well.

Prep For A Day

3. Go Over The Downward Strokes:  This step is where the actual calligraphy comes in.  Go back over your letters lightly;  whenever you see your writing tool making a downward stroke (or it's moving towards the bottom of the paper), make your lines much thicker and darker.  As you move along each letter, you should see that your letters are starting to look more elongated and artistic--that's the calligraphy doing its magic!

And just like that, you've completed your first piece of calligraphy!

Do you have any special tips for calligraphy beginners?



  1. Unfortunately, my crafting skills don't take me far with calligraphy --lol-but I do follow @simplyjessicamarie on IG and she is amazing!


    1. I'll have to check her out! Thank you for reading!

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls