The real countdown to February 14 has begun.  Now begins the time of frenzied trips to the store in order to sift through hundreds of Valentine's Day cards that all look the same.  Does this sound like an endeavor you'll have to take on?

If you do a bit of digging online you'll find even more Valentines;  however, not all of them are the standard red and white heart cards that you're used to seeing.  I scouted out some of my favorite stationery stores to see what was in stock, and I was pleasantly surprised.  After all, how does a red heart compare to an ornate pineapple card?

Prep For A Day

"I Pine For You" Card -- "Chocolates" Card -- "Boatload of Love" Greeting Card -- "Be My Valentine" Card -- "Salt and Pepper" Card

What do you think about these unique Valentines?  Do they size up to the typical card?


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