I think people look forward to this holiday for three major reasons:

1. Free gifts (Christmas was a really long time ago)
2. Being able to immerse ourselves in whatever we gave up for Lent
3. Showing off "the-perfect-Easter-dress-that-we-spent-too-much-time-shopping-for" at church

Print and place in white frame for Easter breakfast table. It's not about the bunny, it's about the lamb #Easterprintable

All of the above things are quite enjoyable--I've been watching YouTube and eating candy for the past few hours.  However, we're really missing the point with the holiday.

Imagine if someone you cared for died to save you.  Think of the grief you would feel.

Imagine if this person was able to come back to life--think of the jubilation you would feel!

That's what Easter Sunday is meant to evoke in every one of us:  grief, jubilation, and gratitude.

It's an interesting mix, but it's much more meaningful than a basket of free goodies or the dress you're wearing.

Happy Easter.


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