Prep For A Day was created as journal of sorts for a high school freshman who was trying to find her niche in life--and it has evolved into a place for life enthusiasts, wisdom-seekers, and dreamers alike. 

Here you'll find everything from sneak peeks into my life to Audrey Hepburn appreciations to musings about style.

Without further ado, here are a few tidbits about the girl who started it all:

The blogger who has a quote for every situation.
As you'll come to find, I incorporate quotes and witty sayings into my everyday life and blog posts as often as possible.  If it exists, I have a quote to describe it.  However, it's unlikely that I'll ever have a favorite quote;  there are far too many to choose from!

The perfectionist who has made education her top priority.
I attended high school in a small southern town.  Although rooted in an area obsessed with athletics, I was determined to pursue my boundless passion for knowledge and logic.  I have continued to pursue that passion as a student at the University of Florida.  I have been known to talk about education for over two hours at a time--with anyone willing to listen--because it really is such a vital part of my life.

The science nerd who has big dreams of becoming a veterinarian.
A self-proclaimed animal lover, I have longed to become a veterinarian since I was small.  Learning random medical facts and observing animals are a couple of my favorite pastimes.  My dream career plans involve researching and treating zoonotic diseases abroad in Europe or Africa--until I reach that goal, we'll see where life takes me!

The Audrey aficionado who belongs in the fifties.
My true icon is Audrey Hepburn, the renowned actress who graced movie screens during Hollywood's Golden Age. Audrey's poise, humble nature, and humanitarian ideals make her the ideal role model for any woman.  I strive to be a modern-day Audrey in a world that is very different from the one that Audrey knew.



  1. Love your "about me" section! It is very creative! Good luck on your journey to becoming a vet, it seems like a fulfilling profession! :)


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