August 6, 2020

An interest I've developed during quarantine is learning about skincare routines and regiments.  I definitely attribute this to my obsession with Skincare by Hyram's YouTube channel, but that's another story.

Partially because I've rarely worn makeup over the past five months, and even more so because I've created a stricter skincare routine, my skin has vastly improved.  I wanted to share my routine with you so that you can try out anything that might be beneficial to you.  Keep in mind that you aren't required to have an extensive skincare routine and/or expensive products in order to have healthy skin.

The above photo is completely unedited.  I'd say that this is the best that my skin has looked in years!

A quick note before we dive in:  my skin is quite sensitive, so I have to be careful about the skincare products that I use.  It also dries out very easily, so I try my best to utilize gentler products, especially in regards to acne treatment.

1. I splash a bit of water on my face to wake myself up and "refresh" my skin.

2. Next, I put this CeraVe moisturizer all over my face.  I've tried several different moisturizers over the years, but this one works the best for my skin.  As an added bonus, it also contains sunscreen.

3. I'm trying to be better about putting on sunscreen every day.  UVA (ultraviolet A) rays can penetrate glass windows, so it's crucial to also wear sunscreen indoors (1, 2).  I like this basic SPF 50 lotion, and it's also broad spectrum (i.e., it protects against both UVA and UVB rays).

4. Finally, I end with a bit of eos lip balm.  I was terrible about remembering to use this stuff until recently, but my lips really do feel better if I use it consistently.

1. On the rare occasion that I wear makeup these days, I use this cleansing balm instead of makeup wipes.  Makeup wipes alone don't remove all residues from your face, and they can leave behind films that may attract bacteria and other pollutants (3).  This balm is wonderful at removing makeup (even mascara!), and it requires a water rinse, which ensures that my pores are thoroughly cleansed.

2. Next, I wash my face with my Clarisonic facial brush and Cetaphil cleanser (not pictured above).  I've been using the facial brush since middle school, and my face feels much cleaner when I use it versus when I use the cleanser alone.  I've also been using the cleanser since middle school when my dermatologist recommended it to me.

3. This AHA/BHA toner has become one of my favorite skincare products.  AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) are primarily used for exfoliation, skin brightening, and collagen production;  BHAs (beta-hydroxy acids) are somewhat gentler than AHAs and also help with exfoliation (4).  I spray the product on my hands, gently rub it onto my face, and allow it to settle for a few minutes while I move on to steps 4 and 5.

4. To promote eyelash and eyebrow health, I apply this castor oil serum;  it comes with eyelash and eyebrow applicators, which are very handy.

5. I've been using this over-the-counter acne medication for years, and I've had mostly positive results.  I mainly use it on my lower back and shoulders, but I also apply it on bad spots on my face.

6. Along with the toner I mentioned above, this snail secretion filtrate cream has quickly become a favorite product of mine.  This might sound like a strange substance to be putting on your face, but snail secretion filtrate is actually a growth factor that helps snails with self-healing;  therefore, it promotes collagen production, prevents and reduces scarring, and improves skin texture, among other beneficial properties (5).

7. Because I've always struggled with dry and cracked lips, this lip mask has been a godsend.  I apply it right before bed, and I wash off any remaining product in the morning.  It also smells really nice!

1. American Academy of Dermatology Association - Sunscreen FAQs

2. Karen M. Lish, MD, PC - Sunscreen Q & A

What does your skincare routine look like, if you have one?


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