June 29, 2020

Before I delve into this post, I urge you to read my "Black Lives Matter" post if you haven't already.  It lists a number of organizations and petitions that support racial equality and condemn race-based violence.  It also contains resources that you can utilize to support more black-owned businesses, black authors, and black creators.  Additionally, I urge you to sign the "Free Rojai Fentress" petition, which is attempting to free Mr. Fentress from wrongful imprisonment.  He is currently being represented by the UVA School of Law.
Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar with YesStyle, it's a Korean site that sells women's, men's, and children's clothing in addition to stationery, jewelry, home decorations, makeup, beauty products, and so much more.  I am so happy that I discovered this website about a year ago because it has made clothes shopping so much easier for me.

As someone who is more petite, finding stylish clothing that also fits well has always been very challenging for me.  However, I've been very lucky with Asian clothing brands because they often design their clothes to suit more petite frames.

If you're interested in shopping on YesStyle, I have a few general tips to remember.  First, although Asian clothing sizes tend to run smaller than American clothing sizes, you don't have to be extremely small and/or skinny to wear (and look good in) the clothes on the website.  It's simply a matter of looking at sizing charts and reading reviews.

Speaking of reviews, always read the reviews!  I'm not suggesting that you should never buy an item that has no reviews, but sometimes the realities of the clothes on YesStyle don't always match the expectations set by their photos.

Finally, not all of the clothing items are in stock.  When you click on an item, it should say how many days it will take for the item to ship out, ranging from one day to fourteen days.  Your order will not ship out until every single item is ready to ship out, so if you order just one item that isn't in stock, it may significantly increase the amount of time it takes for your order to be shipped.

Let's get on to the review!  Now is a good time to mention that this post is not sponsored by YesStyle, and all of my ratings of the items are my honest opinions.

Here are my measurements for reference:
Bust - 34 in (87 cm)
Waist - 24 in (61 cm)
Hips - 36 in (92 cm)
Height - 64 in (163 cm)

Top - Bottoms - Shoes

Ruffled Camisole - Light Pink, One Size

Summary:  Soft but thin material.  Nice pale pink color.  Not too cropped (hits just above my belly button).  Overall fit is good.

High Waist Denim Shorts - Light Blue, Small

Summary:  Fit well.  Slightly oversized in the legs.  Real pockets in the front and the back!  Quality is very good.

Top - Bottoms - Shoes

Rib-Knit Top - Pink, One Size

Summary:  Thin material.  Slightly more cropped (hits a couple of inches above my belly button).  The color is more salmon than what is shown on the website.

Top - Bottoms - Shoes

Rib-Knit Camisole - Airy Blue, One Size

Summary:  Very soft material.  Fits well.  Hits just below my belly button.

Set - Shoes

Floral Skirt Set - Red, One Size

Summary:  Top is a bit uncomfortable because of the way the sleeves are attached (see second picture above).  Might not work for someone with a larger chest.  Skirt is a piece of fabric that is tied around the waist.  On the shorter side.  Fabric is good quality.

Top - Bottoms - Shoes

Off-Shoulder Blouse - Blue, One Size

Summary:  Looks exactly like the picture on the website.  Nice, airy material.  Sleeves are a good length.

Top - Bottoms - Shoes

Scalloped V-Neck Knit Top - Black, One Size

Summary:  Thicker, soft material.  Neckline is lovely.  Nice quality.

High Waist A-Line Skirt
- Black, One Size

Summary:  Fits very well.  Has built-in shorts underneath!  Really love this one.

Dress - Shoes

Drawcord A-Line Dress - Grayish Blue, One Size

Summary:  Material is good quality but prone to wrinkles (as shown above).  A little big in the chest area.  Zipper in the back.

Dress - Shoes

Midi A-Line Dress - Dark Red, One Size

Summary:  Nice quality fabric.  Very comfortable.  The ruffles under the arms might be uncomfortable to some people, but I don't mind them.

Dress - Shoes

Dotted Midi A-Line Dress - Green, Small

Summary:  Lined and has adjustable straps!  Zipper in the back.  Love the quality.

Dress - Shoes

Lace Overlay Floral A-Line Dress - Almond & Green, Small

Summary:  So comfortable and pretty!  The dress is slightly greener in person.  Sleeves are slightly large, but I don't notice them as much if I wear the dress slightly off my shoulders.  Zipper in the back.

Dress - Shoes

Off-Shoulder A-Line Dress - Blue, One Size

Summary:  Love this fabric!  Very comfortable.  Has a short liner.

Dress - Shoes

Knit Dress with Sash - Blue, One Size

Summary:  Incredibly comfortable, like wearing a huge sweatshirt.  Sash is separate from the dress.  Sleeves are very oversized.

Do you have any experience with YesStyle or similar websites?


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