October 18, 2017

Note:  Before I get into this post, I wanted to explain my lack of activity on this corner of the web.  Like so many high school seniors before me, I am immersed in stacks of college applications and senior year homework.  Of course, these will always be my first priority, but when I have extra time on my hands this semester, I'll try to hop on over!

Ever-constant, ever-changing:  fear is an integral component of the human experience.  Fear can be frustrating because of its dynamic nature;  it doesn't always appear in the form of a demonic poltergeist. For many of us, it comes as an inevitable phone call or the first day of a new job;  it's an important presentation deadline or the "submit" button on a college application website.

I've known fear that was light but distracting, and I've known fear so paralyzing that it hindered my ability to speak. Neither type is particularly endearing--but no matter its form, fear can always be overcome.

Prep For A Day

You see, fear has a very negative connotation in most of our minds.  I'm sure that glancing at the previous paragraphs is enough to give you a clear picture of the feelings that fear evokes in me.  Part of the dilemma, however, is this distinct way that we characterize fear.  Ultimately, we overcome fear by embracing it, and it's rather difficult to embrace something you hold in an unfavorable light.

I'll admit, the thought of "welcoming" fear or "looking forward" to being afraid sounds a bit ludicrous--but it isn't the fear itself that we must embrace.  We must look forward to the opportunities that stem from our being determined enough to face fear.  That is what being courageous truly means, after all.

I'll leave you with a prime example.  I began turning in the first round of my college applications a week ago, and frankly, that experience was a bit terrifying.  It seemed like so many things could turn sour after I pressed the "submit" button.  Indeed, the sole way to receive a genuine letter of rejection from a university is to submit an application--but funnily enough, submitting an application is also the only gateway to admission.  I may fear rejection, but I will face this fear willingly in order to embrace the opportunities that may await me if I am bold enough to click "submit".

Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated, "What you are afraid to do is a clear indication of the next thing you need to do."  We all know where our fears lie;  it's only a matter of seeing the opportunities hidden behind them that allows us to face them.

How do you face fear?


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