BEING A PREP FOR A WEEK: 1/1/17 -- 1/7/17

January 7, 2017

Well, the first complete week of January has already produced a little chaos--but I suppose it just wouldn't be the same without a hint of life's surprises.  I'm relieved to be back in school after a long break.  There isn't anything quite like getting back into a routine and getting things accomplished (thrilling, I know).  If this week is any indication of the rest of the year, moreover, I think I'm pretty excited about 2017.

Now, on to some of my favorite links from the past week:
One of the best articles I've read this week is all about being beautifully human in the new year;  number one is my absolute favorite!
Anxiously awaiting the arrival of this lace-up top and this v-neck sweater (each is under twenty dollars!)...
I need a little help:  does anyone know of a place that sells nice desktop calendars?  Last year I used a Sugar Paper x Target one, but now I'm having a little trouble finding anything a) big enough and b) somewhat aesthetically pleasing.
We just started Into the Wild in my AP English course, and I'm already really enjoying it! Although it is a nonfiction story, it reads a bit like a fiction mystery novel, making it more interesting.
Finally broke down and ordered a new phone case...

We've conquered about 1/52 of 2017--that's a small percentage, but the fact that we've conquered it is no small irrelevancy.  As we move into the second week of the year, here's a small reminder:  "It's only when you add the battles of those two abysmal eternities, yesterday and tomorrow, that life gets overwhelmingly complicated."

How was your week?



  1. Marble--nice case pick! And I am still jealous you got to go to Disney!


    1. Thanks Katelyn! Feel free to come with next time!


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