August 26, 2016

As the lyrics of that famous musical ballad (bonus points if you know which one) propose, today I'm "getting to hope you like me" and my responses to a few miscellaneous questions.  Several days ago, I asked you to ask me questions on my Instagram in the hopes of answering any burning inquiries you may have had about me, myself, and I--but this post isn't just about me.  One of the best parts about the blogging world is being able to form instant connections with people of many different backgrounds and opinions--and I'd love to know about yours.  Keep reading to discover a set of questions that I have for you!

Prep For A Day

1. How do you grow your blog and Instagram?
Three words:  consistency is key.  If you want a viable chance of having a larger audience and following, you have to put in the extra time and effort to produce posts persistently.  You certainly don't have to post on your blog or social media daily, but try to avoid huge lapses between posts so your readers are more likely to feel engaged by your content.

2. How do you come up with blog topics?  Do you have certain posts reserved for the blog only and Instagram only, or do you like to integrate them together?
My inspiration for blog posts almost always comes from other bloggers or experiences in my own life; once I have a vague idea of what I want to write about, I begin sorting my ideas into organized topics that I can feature on the blog.  As for the differences between my blog and Instagram posts, I try to have a visible connection between what I post on this website and what I share on social media, especially the photos I share on Instagram. However, I also try to keep my Instagram posts a bit more lighthearted and informal (they are just snapshots, after all) while I tend to save more serious topics for the blog.

3. What are you currently reading?
An even better question would be, "What am I not reading?"  Jokes aside, I have stacks of books that are just itching to be read--for now, I'm working on Sisi:  Empress On Her Own, Proof of Heaven, Miracles, Pet Sematary an AP Chemistry exam prep guide, a statistics textbook...

4. What are some destinations that you'd like to visit?
If I could go anywhere in Europe, I would consider my wanderlust fulfilled.  I'd love to explore all of Italy, England, and France, as well as parts of Ireland and Scotland, the Mykonos area of Greece, and parts of Austria and Hungary.  I've always thought that visiting Thailand would be an amazing experience as well. Honestly, if you handed me a plane ticket to an international destination, I'd probably take it, simply to experience a new culture and learn about its history.

5. What is on your bucket list?
I haven't ever written out a hard copy of a bucket list, but here are few things that I've always dreamed about doing:
a. Visiting Audrey Hepburn's home in Switzerland
b. Singing at the Palais Garnier in France
c. Becoming fluent in at least three different languages
d. Visiting and studying at the first veterinary school ever founded
e. Owning a home that has an enormous library and a dedicated wall gallery in every room

6. What are some of your favorite quotes?
I featured several of my all-time favorites in a post from June;  however, I think it's pretty safe to say that I find new quotes that I love nearly every single day.  A few of my recent favorites are:  "Nothing can seem extraordinary until you have discovered the ordinary.";  "Falling in love with God is such a beautiful thing.";  and, "Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible."

7. What is your dream job?
Practically ever since I discovered what an animal was, I've wanted to become a veterinarian.  Even as I've grown older, I've never really felt myself drifting towards any other profession.  Ideally, I would be helping both humans and animals on a daily basis during my dream job--perhaps even making some groundbreaking discoveries about different zooneses or the links between animal and human diseases.

8. What is your favorite movie? 
Once again, it's pretty impossible for me to settle on just one movie (selecting a college should be a breeze), but a few of my favorite films are SabrinaPygmalion, Little Women (starring Katharine Hepburn), Jane Eyre (the 1983 and 2004 versions are the best), Anastasia (starring Ingrid Bergman and Yul Brynner), and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.  As you can see, I'm pretty predictable:  if it's a romantic movie and it was made before 1970, I'll love it.

Now it's your turn!  Here's your own Q&A for perusal (and I'd love to see your answers in the comments):
1. What is your favorite season and why?
2. Where do you envision yourself in ten years?
3. What are you extremely passionate about?

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question, and thank you, lovely reader, for allowing me to share a slice of my world with you.



  1. I hope you are able to go to all the places you want to! I'll answer your questions :)

    1.My favorite season is Autumn because I love to wear jeans, boots, and sweatshirts and I don't have to worry about it being freezing out. I also love the scenery because the leaves are all different colors and everything is just beautiful.

    2.In 10 years (I'll be 26) I envision myself with some type of job in business and I will be able to live in Europe or at least travel between the US and Europe all the time. I also hope to have some type of significant other at the time (either boyfriend or husband, but a girl can dream).

    3. I am not sure if I have one thing I am extremely passionate about but maybe if I had to pick one it would be...educating people about the inequalities between men and women. I don't know if that was the answer your going for but I think that's the thing I work for.

    This was such a lovely post.


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Christina! I hope you are able to fulfill your dream of traveling often!


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