July 8, 2016

The summer weather provides an easily missed opportunity for exercising and training; I say that the opportunity is "easily missed" because, based upon personal experience, the last thing that many of us want to do is go outside and do physical activities.  However, I've been somewhat forced to participate in physical activities recently, and it's amazing how much a few minutes' worth of exercising can improve your overall mood.

No physical activity is complete without the right equipment--that isn't limited to specialty pieces like treadmills or weights, either.  If you want to exercise, you need to find the right pair of shoes.

Prep For A Day

1. New Balance:  Light, flexible, and stylish, the shoes made by New Balance are perfect for runners and sports players alike.  The newest women's shoe line incorporates lovely color combinations with super lightweight footwear (my pair seems lighter than clouds);  plus, this brand stresses the fact that its are products made here in America. What could be better than that?

2. Asics:  If you want a shoe that's fit for professional athletes, this is the brand for you to shop.  The name ASICS is actually derived from an acronym that translates to "a sound mind in a sound body" and was trademarked by the company's original founder.  These shoes are some of the most comfortable ones on the market, which explains why even Olympic athletes are training in them.

3. Saucony:  This brand is serious about its passion for crafting the best running shoes. The fact that Saucony has been manufacturing shoes since the early twentieth century is testament to this.  So whether you're a hardcore runner or you just love vintage-styled shoes, you should check out this company.

4. Nike:  Perhaps the most well-known shoe company in today's society, Nike definitely has perfected its shoes in order to dominate the market.  If you're looking for a brand that caters to a wide range of athletes, Nike is a great option.  Another bonus of buying from Nike is the unique customization opportunity that you can have:  a chance to design a pair of shoes to completely suit your tastes.

Are you feeling the urge to sprint outside and exercise yet?  I know I am!

What are your favorite athletic shoe brands?

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  1. I always ran in Asics when I did track, but had Nike spikes. I definitely need a new pair of sneakers... does your NB pair have good arch support?

    Lauren | boston belle

    1. Yes! They're a bit more similar to Nikes in overall feel and style, but they are unbelievably lightweight!

  2. I love my Nikes but since I've started doing Pure Barre which only needs sticky socks I've only have worn them for casual wear lately haha!


    1. There's nothing wrong with that! I love wearing my shoes around town or on lazy days.


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