August 19, 2015

You might be familiar with my weekly series "Being A Prep For A Week" in which I share highlights and tidbits from the past weeks, but I'm excited to also be able to put together an in-depth post about a typical day of my sophomore year.  I'm a self-proclaimed sucker for routine posts and videos;  plus they're typically one of the most enjoyable posts to write (and read)!

6:00 AM:  I've risen this bright and early since I was in kindergarten.  Now I can hardly sleep past this time during the summer!

6:30 AM:  After I've showered, I waltz into my closet and change into my (hopefully) pre-planned outfit for the day.

7:00 AM:  By the time I've finished dressing and putting on my makeup, it's around 6:45 to 7:00. This is when I fix a nutritious breakfast of yogurt or a not-so-nutritious breakfast of pancakes with extra syrup.

Prep For A Day

7:10 AM:  This is one of the key time frames of my morning;  while I'm eating, I'll look over notes, read something out of a textbook, or work on something for the blog.  I can't accomplish much, but I can accomplish something.

7:30 AM:  After doing some other miscellaneous morning activities, my mom and I shoot to get out the door at 7:30.

8:00 AM:  The first bell rings at high school.  Chaos always ensues shortly.

8:15 AM:  My first class, Girl's Ensemble, officially starts.  This is already one of my favorite classes simply because it's so small and laid-back.  Plus, I get to sing and attempt to dance with some of my good friends.  What could be a better way to kick off the day?

9:10 AM:  My friend and I arrive in our US History class. Our teacher is what really makes the class a good one.

10:15 AM:  After a fifteen minute break, I'm back upstairs in my Spanish I class.  The greatest highlight of this class by far was watching two guys dance around and sing the "Spanish Countries and Capitals Song."

11:10 AM:  Since my English class is located downstairs on the opposite side of the building, getting there from Spanish is a bit hectic.  However, I've yet to have been late, and my teacher is very AP-oriented, so it's all worth it.

12:00 PM:  I'm off to A Lunch!  You might notice that this is when I frequent Snapchat the most...

Prep For A Day

12:30 PM:  Algebra II has started.  I'm not a big math fan, and I'm not quite sure about this teacher yet, so I'm grateful for that ACT Prep I took this summer.

1:20 PM:  Chemistry begins.  I shall be very grateful when we can pick our lab partners--and, to a greater extent, rearrange the seating charts.  Otherwise, I'm a science nerd, so this class gets me.

2:15 PM:  One of my absolute favorite classes, Foundations of Medical Health Professions, is my last class of the day.  We learn about some very interesting things in there.

3:10 PM:  I'm dismissed, and school is over for the day.

3:30 PM:  This is usually when my mom and I get home, with Toby the corgi in tow. The first thing I do is lay out all of my binders, and then I quickly change into some comfier clothes.

Prep For A Day

3:45 PM:  I try to limit my social media usage to a minimum towards the end of the day so I can fully focus on homework.  And yes, I already have homework this early in the year.  Surprising?  Not really.

5:30 PM:  A wonderful dinner is served by my lovely mother, and my dad and I are always very grateful.

6:30 PM:  If I have any tests the next day, I start studying around this time.  Since I start looking over my notes in advance, I don't need as much time to go through everything.

Prep For A Day

9:00 PM:  Hopefully, by this time I'll have finished all of the homework I could've come up with, along with taking some notes on my online class.  I'll also have watched a little YouTube, laid out my outfit for the next day, made myself a list of all the important things I'll have to do at school, and read a bit of my Bible.  Then I can collapse, and wait patiently for the next day to begin.

I'm curious:  is your daytime routine similar to mine, or completely different?



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