September 13, 2014

"With me, it's always about first impressions."-- Billy Zane

Mr. Zane and I have a lot in common, it seems.  

First impressions are a big deal to me.  First impressions can mean a terrible job, or a wonderful career, or a less-than-stellar co-worker, or even that favorite Lilly Pulitzer print of mine.  They can mean a lot of different things.  

I'm hoping your first impression of me won't be terrible.  If you couldn't tell, I haven't really done this before (typical newbie blogger).  So in the typical "fresh off the boat" fashion, I'm going to turn this post into a six paragraph "About Me" essay. 

I'm Tori, and I'm 14 years old.  I just started my freshman year of high school (I'm a newbie in everything, it seems) and it has turned out A LOT better than I expected.  

I live in a small town in Alabama with my parents and my two four-legged brothers, Toby and Kasey. Kasey is a toy poodle with some serious sass in his old age, and Toby is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (I can feel you searching Google Images) who acts like a perpetual two-year-old little boy.  My family is the center of my life.

The other biggie in my life would definitely be school.  I don't want you to get the impression that I don't care about school.  That's the opposite of reality.  My first three years of school, I was pretty carefree. Then came third grade, and along with it came my perfectionism problem, and I've been the same way ever since.  An A minus is a B, and you don't even want to know what a B is equivalent to.  It can get rather annoying, but I'll try not to kill all of you with my rants about that project that I got a 99 (a.k.a. the most annoying grade known to man) on! 

My biggest goal in life would probably be to get into veterinary school (Auburn and Florida are my top two at the moment), besides being Miss America.  I'm a pageant girl, I'll admit it, but not in a Toddlers'n'Tiaras (a.k.a. the worst show known to man) way.  When 2015 comes, I'll be on my way to competing in Miss Alabama's Outstanding Teen (hopefully)!

I'm a self-proclaimed prep, and I'm in love with Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Vineyard Vines, Fraternity Collection, Southern Shirt Company, Southern Proper, etc....

I'd say that I'm very classic, and I suppose I love some of that good 'ol southern charm (in moderation, of course). 

I'm also convinced that I should've been born sometime in the 30's or 50's, or in the Victorian Era.  I mean, this new technology we've gotten is cool, but how could you pass up living during the era of Audrey Hepburn, Old Hollywood, black and white classics, and THE little black dress, or the era where the British Empire was at its peak and gentleman actually existed... I forgot to mention I'm a history buff (shhhhhhhhh).

Other than that, I'd just say I love singing (Soprano 1) and musicals are my obsession. 

That might've been a *tad* more than six paragraphs, but I tend to write A LOT. 

I hope this first impression of me has been better than you were expecting. 

My other goal is to try and help others with anything. So if you have a question or a comment, don't hesitate.  I'm going to enjoy "Getting To Know You" (insert one of my favorite songs from my favorite musical of all time)! 



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