Being A Prep For A Week: 12/13/15 -- 12/19/15

And just like that, exam week was finally over!
The reason for my long absence is easily summed up:  school.  Exams, chapter tests, ACT practice tests (and even the real deal).  Thankfully winter break has arrived, which means that I am allowed to devote a huge portion of time to all things blog-related.  Look to see exciting changes around here...
Prep For A Day

Now, on to some of my favorite links from the past week:
An Instagram account sure to make calligraphy lovers giddy
Vogue's unofficial history of the ugly Christmas sweater (featuring lovely runway views)
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the quintessential Christmas card shot
My new pair of booties that I absolutely adore

To conclude with a quote:  "Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen."

How was your week?



  1. Yay for finishing up exams! Hope you have a great Christmas Break Tori!


  2. I am absolutely in LOVE with the Royals Xmas card too! Merry Christmas!-Katelyn, The Yellow Specs.

    1. Yes, it's a lovely family shot! Happy Holidays!