Patagonia Weather

The weather's getting crisp, leaves are falling, boots are stomping, and jackets are being pulled out of closets.  There's always been something appealing about breaking out my jackets in the mornings and being able to see my breath in the frosty air (well, until February rolls around, and then I'm quite ready for spring to come again).
I received my first Patagonia pullover as a Christmas gift last year, and I was so happy to have jumped on the bandwagon.  Patagonias are pretty pricey, but the quality of the jackets and pullovers makes up for it.  I'm almost positive that I wore my pullover at least fifty times last winter--that's saying something!


If you want something that can easily be slipped on or off, I'd recommend checking out the pullovers (so many different colors!) and vests;  if you want a cold weather jacket, look into the fleece jackets, which are much warmer than you'd expect them to be.
What do you think of the Patagonia line?



  1. I love Patagonia, I will definitely be having one of their pullovers on my Christmas list this year!
    xo, Syd

    1. It's always a lovely Christmas present! Thanks for reading, Sydney!