Every time fall rolls around, I start falling in love with ankle boots.

I love riding boots as much as the next blogger, but there's something about a pair of ankle boots that makes me want to buy thousands of them (or, more realistically, just one pair).

Now that school has begun and most of us are back on a budget, I tried my utmost best to find stylish but budget-friendly boots--all under seventy dollars!

1. Lauren Conrad Strappy Ankle Boots:  I love anything Lauren Conrad and these boots are no exception.  All of those different color choices make this pair even more favorable.

2. Eurosoft Salvina Ankle Boots:  Never did I foresee myself liking anything with a snakeskin print, but these have changed my mind on the matter.  The heel height is perfect, and the color is absolutely gorgeous!

3. Call It Spring Marguaritte Ankle Boots:  For a more casual look, this simple pair of boots is the way to go.  The zipper detailing adds just a hint of gold--but hints of gold are my forte.

4. SONOMA life + style Buckle Ankle Boots:  These boots are a little similar to the Lauren Conrad booties listed above, but they are a bit heavier.  If you're looking for a sturdier pair of boots, these are an excellent option.

What's your opinion on ankle boots?

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  1. I absolutely love booties! I love how they can easily pull together an outfit. Love the 3rd pair of ankle boots. They look just like the Sam Edleman ones I have had my eye on.

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

    1. I agree, Mikayla! There's just something about ankle boots...