Sugar Paper LA

I've yet to meet a person who was adverse to the idea of pretty stationery, journals, and planners.  If there's one good thing about this generation, it's its love of office supplies.
One of my favorite paper brands is Sugar Paper LA, and I love it because it's helping me start off 2016 on the right foot.  I finally switched from my old school brand planner to one that suited me better;  while I was at it, I also decided to purchase a calendar for miscellaneous dates. Guess what brand both of these are from?  I'm thrilled with these purchases, especially my planner.  Its design is simple yet stylish, and it has so much room to write things down (twelve lines per day)!  The calendar maintains that simply sophisticated yet functional look.  When I say I'm thrilled, I'm not exaggerating!
Prep For A Day
Planner -- Calendar

There's a lovely Sugar Paper collection at Target, but the brand also has its own website and designs (albeit for higher prices).  If you're a stationery lover, you'll be smitten with Sugar Paper LA.

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What's your favorite stationery brand?



  1. I love this brand, stationery is my weakness!!
    xo, Syd

  2. I love all of their pieces for their Target line! I always love stocking up on pretty stationery, especially for thank you notes!


    1. The Target line is great! Thanks for reading!