Pretty Little Desktop Wallpapers

I am, by no means, a tech-y person.  In fact, I completely surprised myself by starting a blog and delving into HTML and coding.
I'm not very picky about my technology, either.  I just want it to meet two criteria:  a) it functions properly, and b) it looks pretty.  Seems like a rather simple equation.
A few days ago I decided to change around my computer's wallpapers (something I haven't done since April), and I fell in love with about twenty different backgrounds. Since I can only use one, I'm sharing the rest with you, in the hopes that you can give your technology a little update!

1. Design Love Fest Wallpapers


This website has a plethora of wallpapers (watercolors and quotes included), and they're pretty hard to choose from.  My personal favorite is the "Go For It" print.  Some other beauties include this classic gold print, the light blue "Hello" print, and this stunning motivational quote print.

2. Lovely Indeed Wallpapers


Another lovely website with even lovelier wallpapers.  I'll always love a good Audrey Hepburn quote print, but for now I'm stuck between this Abe Lincoln quote print and this Mother Teresa quote print.

3. Clementine Creative Wallpapers


If you have a penchant for calligraphy, these wallpapers are the ones for you.  From a quirky Dr. Seuss print to a floral quote print, quote hoarders shall enjoy these wallpapers.

What are some of your favorite desktop wallpapers?



  1. So many wallpapers, so few laptops. The struggle is real LOL. And who doesn't love a good Audrey quote?

    Choose to make today great!

    1. Those were my exact thoughts, Jess! Thanks for reading!

  2. Love all of these! Thanks for sharing!