Lauren Conrad Runway Collection

Lovely.  That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of Lauren Conrad.
Unlike many other fashion designers of today, Lauren Conrad designs light, airy pieces that can easily be incorporated into an everyday wardrobe (as opposed to those frightening shoes you saw during New York Fashion Week).  Plus, her clothes are hanging on the racks of every Kohl's in the country, so shopping around and trying them on isn't a huge scavenger hunt.
The Lauren Conrad Runway Collection was recently released at Kohl's, and it completely embodies feminine charm and grace.  My homecoming dress was one of her creations, and it was absolutely stunning!

More gems from the collection include this gorgeous velvet skirt, the perfect embroidered top, and the most feminine leather jacket I've ever seen.
What do you think of the Runway Collection?



  1. I LOVED it too! In fact, I have a post coming out soon about it! Isn't the floral, pleated, silk skirt {the pink and the green} darling!?
    Great Post! Love Lauren Conrad too. -Katelyn , The Yellow Spectacles.

    1. I agree, that skirt is to die for! I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. That dress in the picture is SO cute! I love Lauren's website too!


    1. That was my homecoming dress--I loved the ruffles at the bottom!