It's no secret that most bloggers live rather hectic lives.

From the professional blogger whose day is littered with meetings and events to the full-time student blogger, we're all pretty busy.  When I started blogging as a high school freshman, I wasn't accustomed to having a jam-packed schedule.  Now that I'm a sophomore, the homework level has skyrocketed, and I'm involved with several more clubs and organizations;  to put it simply, my free time has been reduced drastically.  At the same time, this blog plays a crucial role in my life, and I can't go without devoting some of my time to blog posts.  Anyone else in the same boat?

Prep For A Day

Since I no longer have time during the week to blog, I try to spend some time during the weekend writing two to three posts for the week ahead.  That includes everything that goes along with them (the pictures, the emails, the Instagrams, etc.).

I'll be honest: trying to write three original blog posts within the span of two hours can get tedious, but knowing that those posts will be one thousand times better than ones I'd try to write after an hour of doing trigonometry homework makes it worthwhile.

If you're a fellow blogger in the same position, then here's my advice:  find the time to blog.  If you find yourself saying, "I don't have the time," or "I don't want to find the time," then perhaps it's time to really consider if you want to continue blogging.

If you can find the time in your schedule, then take full advantage of it!  Try writing a few posts at the same time, or shoot a few pictures.  You may miss out on that extra thirty minutes of Netflix, but if you really want to blog, then it should be more than worth it (and the same can be said for almost any hobby)!

What are your tips for blogging on a schedule?



  1. LOVED this!-Katelyn The Yellow Spectacles!

  2. Love this! I always try to keep a week's worth of posts scheduled and I keep track using Google Calendar!


    1. I've never thought of using Google Calendar--it's worth a shot!

    2. I use my Google Calendar for everything - including planning blog posts! It's such a lifesaver!!!

    3. I think it's time that I give it a try! Thanks for the recommendation, ladies!