Do you remember the old saying, "A father is a daughter's first love"?

It wouldn't be strewn across the Internet if it didn't have some truth in it.  There's a reason that most women want to marry a man who reminds them of their fathers.

My dad and I have a relationship which is totally unique from any other.  We have the same sense of humor, the same taste in food (for the most part), the same people skills...

Most of all, he makes me the person I am today.

Father and daughter fun...inspiration for Vincent and Cassia.  :)

He's spontaneous.
One of the only reasons I get through school mornings is because he's there, randomly breaking into song and dance.  This may sound odd, but in our family, it's a tradition.

He's always willing to talk.
Come tennis matches or job stress or high rain, my dad has always been able to sit down and talk with me.  Sometimes it's to help me with math homework, and sometimes it's to talk about college or the newest movies.  Whatever the topic is, he can always make time for me--and that's something I've really come to appreciate.

He makes me laugh every single day.
My mom and I are both pretty serious, and we tend to get stressed easily.  My dad completely balances us out with his jokes and laughs.  Even when I'm devastated and crying, he can somehow make me laugh. Without him, I know I'd be less happy from day to day.

To all the fathers out there:  Buona festa del papa.

And dad, if you're reading this, finger roll.


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