Do you remember that old Taylor Swift song?  I used to play it nonstop;  I knew all of the lyrics by heart, except I didn't really understand what they meant.
Now that I'm fifteen, I can fully appreciate how easy it is to relate to that song.
Turning fifteen means getting your permit, driving around, and getting that much closer to being an adult, right?  It's not quite that simple.
I don't feel fifteen on the inside, and my physical features portray me as a thirteen-year-old.  In some ways, I act as though I'm in college--most teens don't want to study constantly-- and in others, I'm still a little girl trying to figure out how this world works.
Sometimes I miss being that little girl.  I envy her freedom.  Sometimes I long to be that college student who has everything before her.  Mostly, I yearn to find out what life has in store for me.
I won't be finding out every detail anytime soon, and for now, I'm in this phase of life for good.
Who knows?  Perhaps fifteen will be the best year yet.

Flamingos on Pink Stretched Canvas

After all, age is but a number.



  1. Happy Birthday!! We have the same birthday:)

    1. That's so cool! Happy birthday to you, too!