BEING A PREP FOR A WEEK: 6/7/15 -- 6/13/15

I got out for summer a few weeks ago, but it didn't really begin until this week.  This week, things began to happen.

The most exciting occurrence had to be starting my online class.  Most people would rather jump off of a cliff than take an extra course, but I like keeping my brain active.  I also started the French course in Duolingo (best app ever);  however, it's going to be a while before I can attempt to actually pronounce any of the words.  In two days I'll be turning a year older, getting my permit, and truly starting off this summer.  Wish me luck!


Now, on to some of my favorite links from the past week:
A new Netflix miniseries that historical fiction fans will love watching.
A compelling article about a photographer, his two huskies, and walking on water.
A blogger's list of the most useful French phrases for living in France.

How was your week?



  1. I also like to do online classes during the summer, it makes me feel more accomplished!!