March Faves

March didn't exactly meet my expectations.  My feet are itching to slip back into sandals and Chacos, but I was stuck wearing boots for the majority of this month. Hopefully, spring will come full-force next month.  Until then--March, it was nice knowing you.

March Faves

1. Old Navy Embroidery Hem Skirt:  I was just getting in on the embroidery trend for this summer, and then I found this skirt.  Not only is it comfortable, but also, the embroidery on the bottom is the perfect cobalt blue.  After a small dilemna about what top to pair it with, I found the perfect solution at Forever 21.

2. Old Navy Leather Sandals:  Alright, I will admit that I shopped at Old Navy a few times too many this month.  In my defense, I had been wanting a new pair of sandals for a while, and I found these...Again, perfection.  Perfect heel height, perfect color.  I should become an Old Navy advertiser.

3. Heroes of Olympus Series:  I was the biggest fan of the Percy Jackson series, and upon reading these books for the first time, I was a bit disappointed.  I've decided to give them another go, and they're quite enjoyable books.  Plus, being able to recap all of the scenes with my dad is an added bonus (he's a fan, too).

4. Baking:  Maybe I had an overdose of Cupcake Wars.  Whatever it was, all this month I've just wanted to bake.  Cookies, cupcakes, more cupcakes, etc.  At least baking's a relaxing activity, no matter how fattening...

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What were your faves from this month?


Being A Prep For A Week: 3/22/15 -- 3/28/15

Spring break.  Lovely, lovely spring break.  I appreciated the monotony of the days.  No obligations, no worries, no early mornings.  A time to relax, and to forget, for a brief time, the stress of life.
Don't be fooled by my carefree speech making;  I accomplished a thing or two this week.  For one, I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at last!  Having seen the movie countless times, the ending wasn't a surprise, but it was still worth being able to close the book.

I even worked out a few times!  By a few times, I mean one official time where I sat down and told myself I was going to start being healthier.  One is better than none!
Researching was another thing I needed to accomplish.  More about that later...
This week gave me the glorious amount of time needed to polish some things on the blog.  After frantically searching through different tutorials and looking at others' blogs, I think Prep For A Day is looking more professional than it ever was.  I'm still not 100 percent satisfied with every detail, but, knowing my perfectionism, it's not likely that I ever will be.
Working on the blog

Yesterday called for a lovely movie outing with the family.  Insurgent wasn't the best follow-up in the Divergent franchise, but it was decent.
Movie outings

Besides, shopping and eating can make me forget about anything, and if you've added me on Snapchat, you know that I did quite a bit of both.
Shopping & Eating

I'm actually glad I didn't go anywhere for spring break.  I have a feeling that none of the things I just stated would have been accomplished at the beach.  Just saying.

To end with a favorite quote of mine:  "Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

How was your week?


Outfit: Beachful Thinking

The calendar may proclaim that spring has arrived, but I beg to differ.  Until I see a yard full of green grass and a forest full of trees in bloom, I won't be embracing springtime.
Spring is my favorite season--not too hot, not too cold.  Everything's in bloom...
In the meantime, I've been flouncing around in my favorite find from Lilly Pulitzer. The sweater was purchased last summer, but sweaters and summer don't mix well.  The temperature and atmosphere outside made today the ideal occasion to wear it, and why pass up an opportunity from nature?
Lilly Pulitzer & White Jeans
Lilly Pulitzer & White Jeans
If you squint your eyes and tilt your head at a certain angle, the dead grass almost looks like sand...
Take Me To The Beach!
I admire the designer of this shirt for being able to make a sweater that can be worn outside of the winter months!
Beachy Bracelets
Unfortunately, this bracelet is no longer available, but this starfish cuff makes up for it.
Stop by the Pink Narcissus!
If you're ever in Gainesville, Florida, stop by the Pink Narcissus.  As soon as you step in, you'll never want to leave.  I was in awe for most of the hour spent in the store...
A Sweater Fit For Any Weather

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J Crew Factory Spring Wishlist

I love websites that have a built-in wish list tool.  If you know anything about me, you know I love making lists.
I've been browsing J Crew Factory recently, and I've got to say that the new spring arrivals are "pretty darn cute."  So cute that the mere mention of them brings out the Southerner in me...
My own wish list items are below.  See if you can spot a color trend!
J.Crew Factory - Factory small jewelry trayJ.Crew Factory - Factory pleated short
J.Crew Factory - Factory printed linen-cotton mini skirtJ.Crew Factory - Factory printed tank dress
J.Crew Factory - Factory pleated ponte dress in stripeJ.Crew Factory - Factory embroidered crab cotton-linen sweater
J.Crew Factory - Factory geometric-trim tunicJ.Crew Factory - Factory COTTON -MODAL® layering tank in anchor
J.Crew Factory - Factory printed embroidered topJ.Crew Factory - Factory woven-back top in stripe
J.Crew Factory - Factory varsity-stripe teeJ.Crew Factory - Factory embroidered bird collector tee
Anchor Jewelry Tray -- Pleated Shorts -- Striped Skirt -- Striped Tank Dress
Pleated Ponte Dress -- Crab Sweater -- Geometric Trim Tunic -- Anchor Tank
Embroidered Top -- Woven Striped Top -- Short Sleeve Varsity-Stripe Tee
Embroidered Bird Tee

What's on your spring wish list?


Being A Prep For A Week: 3/15/15 -- 3/21/15

The end of this week deserved heralding trumpets and a serenade via angelical choir. See, I made the faulty assumption that, because spring break was coming up, my teachers would make this last week easier on the brain.  Per usual, I'm not the best at predicting teacher logic.
From a huge math test to a poster to extra notes and nuances, my stress level was skyrocketing.  I spent most of my time trying to wrap my head around everything I needed to start working on.  I believe I wrote at least twenty lists this week alone.
Lists Galore

However, everything went as well as I could have hoped for, and now I'm facing a full week of...making lists and looking over notes at home.  Wait, did I miss something?
Just kidding.  Even though I won't be traveling anywhere for spring break, I'll appreciate the long hours of running around with my dogs and watching old movies.

Now, on to some of my favorite links from the past week:
What happens when one of my favorite bloggers visits the Opera Garnier
A few YouTubers' ultra chic travel shots
A book that everyone should stop and read

In the words of this week's quote:  "That which is meant for you will not pass you by."

How was your week?


Being A Prep For A Week: 3/8/15 -- 3/14/15

Since I've been running the blog for about five months now, I've decided to begin writing weekly posts about the details of my life.  In other words, what it's like being a prep for a week (did you see what I did there?).
I've been a little hesitant to begin writing updates like this because, to be frank, my life is not always a box of chocolates.  However, I personally enjoy reading posts like this, and writing them is very enjoyable as well.  I hope you, as a reader, are able to learn a little more about me, and I thoroughly hope you become fond of these posts.

This week wasn't that lovely, but I've had much worse.  Starting the week off with collecting makeup work surely didn't improve my stress level, but the field trip I attended on Tuesday made all of the stress worthwhile.
I'm a huge choir nerd, and Tuesday was one of the biggest occasions of the year:  the State Assessment.  To avoid any confusion, this is just an opportunity for choirs to be judged on intonation, diction, discipline, sight reading abilities, etc.
I was also asked to help work in the sight reading room, along with some other people from school. Besides the incident with an extremely late pizza delivery service, I had a blast helping out behind the scenes (and I'm hoping I get the opportunity to do so until I graduate!).
Chorus Assessment Shenanigans

Unfortunately, I eventually had to re-enter the world of constant studying and projects that is school. Even more unfortunate, my gym teacher decided that this week would be an ideal time to start the National Physical Fitness Test.  I'm not in the best shape ever, so eighty curl-ups and the shuttle run together in a short time frame did not do wonders for my muscles. 

Wednesday and Thursday lolled on by, and with much anticipation, Friday finally came. Fun fact: Saturday, March 14, is the "biggest Pi Day of the century," as the date itself expresses 3.1415.  We decided to celebrate at school on the Friday before, which translated to eating pie and watching cheesy videos on YouTube.  It was more entertaining than it sounds.

This week was a bit of a slacker week for me in terms of schoolwork and working out, but I'll be more than prepared next week.  For now, I'll go back to eating leftover pie and reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  My life has been satisfied.

By the way, you should check out this article about cyberbullying.  Make sure you watch the video as well.  It's a very powerful message that I believe everyone should see.

How was your week?


My Favorite Apps

We certainly live in a tech-savvy world now.  Before I got a smartphone (yes, I actually survived a few teenage years without a phone in hand), I used to wonder what the big deal was.  Now that I have one, I find myself wanting to go back in time and whack myself in the head.
It's absolutely amazing to think that we all walk around carrying--basically--tiny computers.  But what good is a computer if you aren't using it to its full potential?
I've compiled a list of my favorite apps, some of which I use every single day.  Not just editing apps, or studying apps, but apps in general.  You might want to hop over to the app store after reading!

The Top Ten Apps To Have -- Prep For A Day

1. AntiVirus:  As I said above, your phone is sort of like a tiny computer.  Some people would rather buy items on their phones, and banking apps are becoming very popular. It would be extremely bad if your phone was hacked or if it was infiltrated by a virus, especially with that sort of information being stored on the device.  Go ahead and err on the side of caution, and get a good protection software.
2. Pinterest:  This was a bit of a no-brainer for me.  If I'm ever bored at school or during lunch, I frequent this app more than is advisable.  I've also found that Pinterest is easiest to use as an app, rather than on the computer.  Definitely recommended.
3. Pandora:  Also a bit of a no-brainer.  Since I don't have any music on my phone, this is my go-to app for jamming out (with headphones, of course).  I prefer this app to Spotify and others that are similar to it--to me, they just aren't as customized to the user's preferences.  (P.S. The "Top Hits" station is my favorite!)
4. QR Code Reader:  To be honest, the only reason I purchased this app was because one of my teachers required it, but it's actually very handy.  You never know when you're going to need to scan a QR code--ultimate shoppers and couponers, I'm talking to you!
5. Quizlet:  I may have mentioned this app once or twice, but there's a reason.  This app has been so helpful to me throughout the school year, especially with vocabulary tests.  If you're lucky enough to attend a school that allows smartphones, you have the ability to study whenever you have your phone out (and for most of us, that's a huge chunk of time).
6. Polyvore:  I've killed a lot of time just browsing through sets on my Polyvore.  It's very similar to Pinterest in that regard.  Those of you who are bloggers and designers can also create your own sets and post them to your blog or page, all on the go!
7. PicFrame:  I use this app mainly to create collages or "mirror image" photos for Instagram.  There are a lot of different edits that can transform one photo into a piece of photographic art.  No lie.
8. Snapseed:  Ever wonder how I edit my Instagram photos?  This app is the answer. It's not only easy to use, but also produces wonderful quality (and it's free)!
9. Duolingo:  This app was a fave from last month because I use it everyday.  Literally. It makes learning a new language much simpler than it seems!
10. Trivia Crack:  Pardon the name.  I'm one of those people who loves to have a database of useless trivia stored in her head, so a trivia game is very appealing.  It's also oddly rewarding when you earn the little figures between rounds...

What are some of your favorite apps?


White Out

Anyone ready for spring, yet?  I completely understand--yesterday it was about 70 degrees outside, and I thought I had entered Heaven.  Today, it's about 20 degrees outside and currently sleeting. That's weather for you.
In preparation for spring break, I've been fervently browsing the web for a spring wardrobe. Well, more like trying to find clothes to put in Polyvore sets because my spring break is going to consist of watching YouTube videos and reading the Harry Potter series.
I know that white is considered to be more of a "summery" color, but I love wearing white during any season.  It's very regal (although it doesn't take staining well).  I can't wait to start wearing white jeans again!  My favorite spring-y picks are below:

White Out

Lace Neckline Shift Dress -- Scallop Bag -- Sandals -- Striped Tank Dress -- Elephant Ring Holder

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Are you looking forward to spring?